The Big Mack: Testers Wanted!

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What's up Weed Nerds! I am so stoked to finally have harvested my F1 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese that was pregnant with the F2 generation. But my work is not over. Testing phase has began, and am still looking for a few more.

The Big Mack F2 is a photo period hybrid cross of Banana Punch(Symbiotic Genetics) x Mac and Cheese(Capluator). The mother of the F2 was a hardy plant with nice round colas, and had a terp profile of green bananas, and with floral notes. The father was selected for its short structure, and it had a stank of over ripe bananas when you rubbed the stem.

The F1 mother of the F2 Big Mack

Expect a flower time of 60-70 days for the F2 Big Mack, with a beautiful fall fade towards the end.

What I expect for testers?

  • Post once a week to Weedcash
  • Or you can send me pics via Discord
  • I expect testers to pop bean ASAP

Mother of The Big Mack

Lets have some fun!

Growing is fun, but when your growing the same strain with a group, it is even more fun! That is what community is all about. Sure posting for a few pennies, or even a few bucks is fun, but without community, we might as well be bots, and post price charts all day long. For those that want to test, but cant at the moment, no worries, Ill have some more to test here in a few weeks, or a month. Outdoor season is creeping upon us, are you ready??





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Wicked man, This is awesome. I would love to see testing done on Weedcash exclusive but that's me 🤣🤣

I would test but seems I haven't got mail from you 6 months ago so idk if I should lol

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That’s my hopes. Got to battle all this spam coming into the feed.

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I know right, I have taken a nice break from devices took kids out school and just chilled been great actually.

But I noticed some shity spam for sure,

And yes let’s try it again.

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I am also present.✌🤣😂😃🙂😁

Oh I got you brother! I’ll be waiting till the BMX is ready to send your package, which should be soon :)

I spent a couple hours getting the greenhouse set up in anticipation..

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Right on!

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Definitely reblogging this! Awesome job! Looks like I may need to get a vendor shop set up on the Weedcash store in the future so you guys can set up your own stores and sell your seeds on Weedcash!

Thanks man!! And yeah that sounds dope!

I wish I could join this. Perhaps next year I'll have the space and time. Have fun.

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Sounds good. This won’t be my last breeding project:)

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You know I am down to grow some of this awesome looking strain.

Awesome man! Thanks so much

Sure posting for a few pennies, or even a few bucks is fun, but without community, we might as well be bots, and post price charts all day long.

Couldn't agree with you more brother. Yes... many are here to pay bills, or provide for their families. And I've never had a problem with that. But when you already have the finances, and you jump on here and stomp on the people trying to make a difference... that doesn't settle too well for me.

Anyway... We've already discussed many things, and I would participate if I could, but you know I love the vibe, and hope you get some participants who can elevate this awesome!!

Created by Bluntshmasha

Beautiful my friend, I'd love to try it......but if it was a food, banana punch mixed with mac 'n cheese would be a tough meal to eat.

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this is awesome

I would love to try em' out. I am starting a run Skywalker OG Autos in couple of day and I have room for a few more beans under my TSW2000 here is a link to my work
Current Grow GSC auto
Thanks growmie hope to grow together soon


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