Tent Update: The Big Mack, BMX, & Bug Issues

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Light Dep BMX

What's up Weed Nerds! So time for some updates, and this will be a mix of some of the outdoor, and indoor. Nothing to crazy, but it something I am proud of. If you recall over a few months ago I pollinated a few plants with a couple males I found to be the best out of the bunch. I do not have very much room, but I managed to grow out 5 males, and select tow that I found to have the best structure, and had a strong aroma when rubbing the stem. For structure I went with short, and bushy. This is because I mainly grow indoors, and short, and bushy is ideal for this environment. One male was a F2 Mac and Cheese, and another was a F1 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese(AKA Big Mack). I then made a F2 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese, also a BX1 with the Mac and Cheese x (Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese), AKA BMX. I also crossed the Mac and Cheese male to Silverhaze, but that is being put on hold. Although a buddy is growing one out outdoors, and @loonatic grew one as well, but got a male.


The Bx1, BMX is being grown in my back porch, and is getting light depravation to induce flowering early, so that way it will finish before the sun stops shining. It is now on day 38. I should get a great idea on the terp profile, but defiantly is not growing to its full potential, since it is getting about 10-11 hours of sun a day. But even then I am happy with it. @cannabisius has grown out a couple BMX, and his are looking great. He also is telling me he really enjoys the buzz. I honestly am not so sure what will become of this BX, but I did use a male of it to pollinate an all star pheno of the Big Mack. That one will be the back bone of this breeding project.

Bottom shot of the pregnant Big Mack

Seeds will be limited, but I will send out some to say thank you to everyone who is growing The Big Mack. So happy to bring this Big Mack F1 back from the dead, for when I decided to F2 this line, I did not know what I had until it was to late. This was when I was having issues with low humidity, and two plants that I cloned, and killed where the all stars. Just look at all the trichome production, and even when it is seeded!

The Blue Pheno

Here is one of my Big Mack F2, I have dubbed this one the Blue Pheno due to its blueish green appearance. I apologize for my shitty photo quality. This one is just impressive. Loving everything about this cut. The terp profile is just so complex. It is so much like one of the All star F1's. The way I describe it is a fruit bowl that has sit in the hot sun all day, with bananas as the center piece.


Here is the other pheno of the F2 BM. This one is almost identical to structure, but is vastly different. The terp profile on this is black licorice, with rotten bananas. Very complex, and deep. This one is starting to get that fade that was so unique about the F1 BM. This is in a 1 gallon pot, so there is a few things going on, but it is still rocking, and it is going to be looking like fall in Vermont up in this tent here soon!

So many flavors, and so many colors! Lots of learning going down as well. Already planning the next round, and how I will be going about it. But for sure will be sticking with what I am doing, but only with a few tweaks, and adjustments. But we will save that for a post in a few months, ;)

The MVP of the All-Stars, F1 BM

Dirty Little Secret in the front, and Helena x PBB in the back

My #5gallonchallenge contender getting that purple fade! Oh and I am getting a sweet gas terp profile!

Don't tell anybody, but this is my Dirty Little Secret, SSSH

Oh and you know I have been doing a little research on the pest issue I had. I always thought these where Thrips, which possible they are, but after seeing what @drutter, and @futuremind has going on, I am not so sure.

I have the specs on the front of my leaves, but bottom look untouched. Is it possible by spraying with Doctor Enzymes, and Green Cleaner before flip, and a coupe times at the start of flower did the trick before they got out of hand? Not sure, but I do know they are no longer an issue, and every now, and then I will see one, and when I do I smash it with my fingers. Whatever they are, this is something I have to think about next round. Prevention is the best repellent, and having an IPM regiment is a must. There are many great products out there, and even other bugs you can use, But that is a method I will not employ again, at least indoor.

My new fan arrived!

Well that is all for this update. All I am really worried about now is keeping humidity down, and air flow up. Really getting excited, and nervous. With a packed house, so many things can go wrong. But I have some great air flow, and humidity is staying in the 46-50 range, but sometimes getting to 54%. Thanks for reading :)






I think we have the same thing going on bro. Tiny little insects hanging out on the outer part of the leaf, and my spots are looking pretty identical to yours.

I'm getting ready to check the plants here shortly for the first time today, hopefully I won't see a bunch like yesterday.

I hope you're able to get rid of them, they're a real pain for sure.

Other than the pests your plants looks super awesome as usual man :)

Yeah, I think he's got the same thing. It's a summer issue, I'm thinking. We're all in areas getting some heat lately. There are many species of thrips so they aren't all exactly the same, but the damage they do looks somewhat similar. Mine are so tiny I can't see them, and even with a good macro shot, they appear to be little more than tiny cucumber shaped bodies with a mouth for sucking out plant juice. Dust-sized.
I also agree with the rest of your comment. The plants look great! Going to be a nice harvest.

Yeah it has to be the same issue. But you know what is worse? Mold, yuck!

Actually, that's true. And fuckin spider mites, those are worse than everything else I think!
So far, the thrips have been my least-annoying enemy. Yeah they're spreading a bit, yeah I've pulled a few fan leaves early, and yeah they're ugly in photos. But they don't fly, they don't affect people, they don't make a mess, they don't have webs, they don't get into the roots. You can't even really see them. Microscopic vegan vampires, eww!

Thanks man, and yeah they are persistent. Only reason why I am thinking something different was because how Drutters looked underneath. Perhaps maybe he has something different? Either way it don't matter, you got to declare war on them, before its to late, :)

Those are filling in nicely. I bet you can’t wait to have some of it. It looks so good.

Yeah super stoked! And even more stoked to have more of that F1 Big Mack!

When growing do you consider the effects of inbreeding and the possibility of less pest resistant offspring?

Well inbreeding is what you do to create seedstock that is more consistent. I am on the 2nd, and 3rd generations, so as far as doing to much, I am not sure what generation that will take place. I am on a path of learning all of this stuff.

while I wait for the blueberry 420 seeds to arrive, I am satisfied with watching your plants grow, greetings and take good care of those beauties

Thank you. Can’t wait to see what you do with those Bb

I'll wait another week or 3 and then I'll try to germinate some silver mac and bmx

Sounds good! My bro in law Silvermac is growing fast!

Did you keep cuttings of the secret keeper blue pheno? She looks nice!

Any dual sex issues?

Good job!

I am so happy to report on zero dual sex issues, but not saying it will never happen. Cannabis's will to survive to pretty remarkable. And I will monster crop a cutting, and do my best to keep around

Great job! untitled.gif

Uga buuga boo


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That Blue Pheno looks amazing

Yeah its a winner.

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