Tent Update: My Setup

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What's up Weed Nerds! So with a transplant my tent is starting to fill up. Just think, Ill be adding a clone or two very soon. At lease I hope. There are a few strains that I really want to grow, and I am afraid if I wait till next round those strains will be discontinued. Chili Verde is one of those cuts that I really want. Then there is the Wedding Cake. But I have a felling Wedding Cake most likely will be there for my next round of growing. We will see. Even if I just skip getting a cutting right now, I will do just fine. Especially now that I have corrected a huge, but minor mistake from last rounds mistake.

The mistake was letting the humidity get to low during VEG. For a few weeks my tent was in the mid 30%, and I was loving it! Until my plants started to get a Calcium deficiency. No matter how much Cal/Mag I added, the problem kept getting worse. Not until I started to spray my plants with water did I start to see improvement. But even that was not good enough. Being cheap, and not thinking I needed a humidifier was a costly mistake. Well look at me now ma! I have 2! Actually just bought one, but then recently found an extra one here at my work.

I even bought myself an Inkbird controller to automate the humidifiers. What a relief! Without this Inkbird, I would be running out of water every day. Not to mention have these machines running, and pumping moisture in the air when it is not needed.

I just have to make sure my airflow stays good. With these two Oscillating fans, I am good to go. Can you believe that one on the right has been running for almost 2 years now?

Yeap it's a Vivosun fan, and so is my 390CFM inline fan. Yes Vivosun has got some bad publicity over the past year, but I am actually a happy customer. I have nothing but good stuff to say about there products.

Even this heating seed tray is a Vivosun product! Ok enough about VS, I am not here to shill their products, but just showing my setup so you all can get a good idea of what is needed for an indoor setup.

Exotic Genetixs Dirty Little Secret

The only thing missing here is my dehumidifier, which is another must have item for the indoor grower. Since I am in VEG mode, I wont have to worry about that until I reach flower.

My Kingbright 600 Watt Led is rocking. I have it at 40% power at the moment. Having the ability to set the driver on the outside of the tent has been a god send. This is another upgrade since the last round. I am very interested to see how my plants perform with the added additions.

A creation I made, BMX(Mac & Cheese backcrossed to Mac & Cheese x Banana Punch)

So far I am happy all around. I do think I am once again going in over my head a tad, but I am growing quite a few Regs, and I am sure I will find males among the bunch, and I can always bring those outside, and then decide if I want to keep any.

My Silvermac, or AKA Loonas Silvermac will be chosen to be my next #5gallon contender, and also will be giving the 200% organic treatment. Just waiting for a female. The reason why, is because this is a Haze. Haze's do not like heavy doses of fertilizer. Plus I love a little friendly challenge. Of course after I talk a little shit, something bad will probably happen. Oh well, shit happens, and if it does, I need to document that as well. It just takes the life out of me, and it is very un motivating. Either way, this round should be a very entertaining one! Hopefully with the start of the grow season we will see more entry's into the #5gallonchallenge. All it takes is a 5 gallon container, and a will to grow.




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That light bar is so dope. I will probably pick one up at some point.

Yeah it’s a perfect fit for a 4x4. Can get a little warm, but as long as you good airflow, your good to go.


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Thanks tony!

Is the wine bot still operating?

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Wow bro you have a ton of equipment now! But clearly it's helping up your game and you're having fun so yay!
Everything looks good to me. Must be drier down there than here, although the Okanagan region is known to be quite dry. Normally I just mist my sprouts daily for the first few weeks, in addition to regular watering, and they seem fine. But maybe if I had better humidity control I'd have faster growth. Not sure, but I'm not going to worry about that for now.
Good to hear you are going to do a 200% organic plant all the way from seed to buds! You're always trying new things in the garden.

Yeah its fairly humid here, but with my inline fan, and the fans it moves the air well and keeps it dry. So have to add that extra moisture or I will be in danger zone. Excited to finally use my compost! It has been over a year since I started it. Not sure if thats normal, but not having the sun in my backyard really put a damp on things, litterly.

That's normal. I've heard some people who really know what they're doing (and use a lot of worms) can start with kitchen scraps and turn out fertilizer for plants within a few months. My experience has been it takes about a year (sometimes a little longer) to get started. And usually the results are best for outdoor because they're so full of life haha. Super valuable stuff though, I can see why farmers value sources of plant nutrients. Nothing goes to waste!

Hmmm okay so it's your fan that dries things out so much, gotcha. If it's not one thing it's another!

Are these all of your plants or do you have more?

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Clean looking tent man. I can't wait to get that kind of space to work with.

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Yeah it’s great. Probably my max I can do, which is great. I’m about to fill this whole space up!

Nice one, Them dirty little secret are looking great.

Man that light just has so much coverage.

That inkbird seems like the cats ass, you should do a review on that

Great idea!

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Cool tent setup, now need patience... Wish you success bro