Santa's Kandy Harvest(Guess The Weight!)

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What's up my fellow Cannabis lovers! So the time has come for my Santa's Kandy F1 hybrid to be harvested. It is so hard to believe that I cracked the seeds way back in January. What is even more crazy, it took 86 days to finish flower! Could of even went longer, but had to pull the plug, since I have more cuts coming up. Trichomes where mostly cloudy, with 3-5% having turned amber. Cloudy trichomes signals peak THC, while amber are trichomes where the THC has degraded into another cannabanoid, CBN, which produces a more of a sedative effect.

A thought has recently come to mind, was my long flower time due to my plant being root bound? So if I ever start from seed again, a bigger pot then 7.15 gallons will be used. I would imagine 10 gallons would be a perfect size for 6 months of growth. What do you all think?

So even though it took so long to flower, I am so stoked about my Santa's Kandy. For one, this strain was made by sprinkling some Steem Og pollen onto a Kandy Kush, and I only made 10 seeds! I sent 4 to a buddy, and kept the rest for me. He managed to finish one, but he is in a dark state, and I never got any updates. Out of my 6, I was only able to get 2 to grow. One being outdoor, the other seen here. So it is one of a kind! Im sure there are strains similar, but this is the one and only Santa's Kandy. Being a Weed Nerd, I am extremely proud of that. I wish I had land, and the space to do some real breeding, and able to pop a thousand seeds to find that unicorn. Until then, I will just have to make due with what I got.

Ok almost forgot what I was talking about, hahah. So yeah this was 7 days ago, my tent has treated me good. I have converted it to my dry room, and am able to control my environment.

For the past week they have been hanging, with the humidity kept at 50-55%, and temp at 75. The last few days I have bumped up the humidity to 60% to slow down drying. Back in the day when I grew in the closet, and when it came down to drying, I just hung them, and was dependent on what the weather was. It worked, but was not ideal.

Here is a bud that was cut off 1 week prior to the final harvest. The buzz is perfect for the day time! I still can not pinpoint the aroma, but will hopefully pin point it soon. I am just so used to the smell, I will have to take it outside of my home to actually get a good whiff, or better yet just have someone else with a better sense of smell then I.

A sneak peak at my upcoming grow

Vanilla Frosting

Doing some LST

All Gas Og

A 50/50 hybrid

GMO Cookies

No not that kind of GMO. GMO on this strain stands for, Garlic, mushrooms, and onions!

The GMO is a strain that takes 88 days to flower. Since I just finished a strain that was the same, I am not ready to run a long finisher. So the GMO will not be ran in my tent. As of now it is in purgatory. Not sure if I will put in the Junkyard, or just gift it to someone else, that is if I can find someone who also grows indoors. The other two take 60 days to flower, so those will be put under the SGROG, and I will shoot for a better run the the SK. I can not wait! So make sure to stay tuned for more updates. Until then, have a great week, and stay positive.

For fun, guess the weight of my harvest. After I trim, I will weigh it, whoever is closes without going over, wins a Canna-Curate sticker! Just put your guesses in the comments.


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good job! ;)

Thanks man!

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88 days, patience is a virtue lol

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Oh man tell me about it! Growing has taught me that real well.

on the other hand at least its not substrate spawning so fast you have to close the lid and leave it LOL

Haha! Maybe my next project will be just that,;)

I'm going to say 4 and 1/2 ounces.

I would be super stoked with that! Thanks for checking out my post man!

3.5 oz

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I will also be super stoked with that! Back in my closet days the most I ever got pet plant was 1 1/2 oz.

Dang, then I probably guessed too high.

Just trimmed almost half last night, and so far I’m a little over 2 oz. you may be the next constestant on the price is right!!!

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Yeah so I got 5.15 oz! You won a sticker. Or stickers. I got 3 kind. Just get with me on discord

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Cool! Thank you, I'll hit you up on discord soon. And I was worried I guessed too much HA HA.

Yeah I’m stoked up! Even made a nice batch of coconut oil!


Not sure. This is new territory for me. Maybe you guessed right on. I hope you did! Lol but it don’t matter, you want a sticker, get with me in Discord. I got plenty to share.

Jon hopes not 😁

I really hope for a quarter oz so I can fell real shitty about myself. 😂😂

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I used to get 2-3 depending on strain