Roots After Only 8 Days!!

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What's good Weed Nerds? Just chilling here on Saturday, just thinking about the tent. Do you do that? Usually at the start of the grow I contemplate what I am going to do in regards to stuff like training, feeding, size of pots, etc. etc. For me it is like a day dream, and I envision on what is going to happen next. Right now I am thinking about the cuts I Monster Cropped. After 8 days I have roots! Not sure if it is because of the Moon getting a Wax job, or if its the Mammoth P, but these roots sure did appear fast.

What is Monster Cropping? Well look at my little cut. You see how it is budding? Well me taking that cut to clone is what it is. Pretty cool right? But since it has been in flower, I now have to revert it back to vegetative stage. Which is as simple as flipping a switch. Since it takes 12 hours of darkness to induce flowering in a Photo Period, I will have to keep the light on for at least 18 hours, and off for 6. But I will just keep my light on for 24 hours, and off for 0.

So I will keep the cuts in this humidity dome, with a heat pad until the roots grow a bit more. This will give me time to get some soil.


The seedlings are still in great shape. The humidity dropped to the high 40’s the other day, so I broke out the humidifiers. One thing that I hate, is I have to run two of them to get it just right. I could use just 1, but it would have to be on the high setting, and running out of water to fast.


So now I have a great environment, great airflow, and plenty of light. The only thing I am missing is that Grape Ape, lol


La Kush Cake


Sunday Driver x Slurrycake


Big Mack Superstar


I will be using more tap water this grow. But in order to use it, I first need to degas the chlorine. I just put the water into a bucket, and let site for 24-48 hours. My next trip to the grow store, I will get some amendments to compliment my Roots Organics bottle nutes. Last grow I was a few grams shy of a pound, I am going to shoot for 2 pounds this grow. Adjusting my light, and then incorporating top dresses is my plan to do this. So stay tuned, and grow along with me!





2 pounds? That will be a crazy haul. Good luck homie.

Yeah I think I can do it with better canaopy management. I kinda had to much plants last grow and made it difficult for light to penetrate. I am thinking I need to install a trestle to SCROG.

You're a little root-obsessed, anyone ever tell you that? : P But it's a good thing, and we love you, so it's okay!
The seedlings look good so far.

LOL i really am! It is really satisfying, and if I put these straight into soil, it would drive me nuts knowing if they rooted or not.

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That clone looks very good. Awesome¡¡¡ 👏. Learning something new every day

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Thanks amigo!

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*correction I was about a half oz shy of a pound. Post coming soon under @picyoudyer with total weight from each plant

I'll keep an eye on this to see the total weight of the plants. Goodluck to you.


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Roots look good, fuzzy is always good. Fishnet is what we want. The stem on the Jungle boys is green, well done.

Gratzie! Update coming soon.

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