Rainbow Chip, Dirty Little Secret, Big Mack, & Helena X PBB

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My #5gallonchallenge contender, Helena x PBB

Hello fellow Weed Nerds! Back with you for another update on my indoor cannabis garden. There is so much to learn when you are out to try growing the best medicine possible. A lesson that I am being taught in the past few days, is I need more Nitrogen in my regiment. I did however make a compost tea from my homemade compost for the first time last night. I know I am probably being a little drastic, but fish fertilizer is something a majority of Compost tea recipes call for. I know it would help. On the other hand it is just possible that I am not using enough Buddha Grow in my feedings. I know it could be worse, but if I get content, then how will I improve in the future? Evolving, and adapting is crucial. If this is not the reality, I would still be in the closet, with the same old cheap blurple style LED. No thanks!

What I am growing

  • 3 Helena x Pbb
  • 2 Rainbow Chip
  • 2 Dirty Little Secert
  • 2 Big Mack's F2
  • 1 Big Mack F1(Banana Punch X Mac and Cheese)

All are photo periods, under a Kingbright bar style LED with Samsung 301h diodes, mixed in with OSRAM red diodes, and UV diodes. This is a full spectrum that I have used from the seedling stage. It is rated at 600 watts, and I am running at 80%. For environment control I am using a 390CFM inline fan, with a osculating fan between the canopy and LED. I used to have 2, but the other one burnt out on me the other day. May it rest in peace, it lasted me over 2 years, and it was on everyday for those 2 years! I have a new one on its way. Then I have a humidifier inside the tent set on an Inkbird controller to make sure my tent does not get below 46% humidity. During the day I have a dehumidifier set outside the tent, and to not let the humidity get above 50%. Although it is a pain, and sometimes it gets as high as 54 inside the tent.

The other day I added a 190 CFM inline fan for air intake.

So last update I talked more about the Big Macks then I did the others. Besides the fact that I created the seeds for it, they are also in the front of my tent, so easier access. The Helena x PBB from @bifbeans is also doing very well! As you can see from the very first picture in this post, one of the Helena x PBB is my #5gallonchallenge contender.

Still have yet to pick out the terp profile, but what stands out is the bud structure. Very dense, and so many sites. Such a vigorous plant!

Besides the structure of the plants, all Helena x PBB are showing many of the same characteristics.

Dirty Little Secret

Rainbow Chip

My Exotic Genetics strains, Rainbow Chip, and Dirty Little Secret are doing decent. Actually out of all the plants, they are my least favorite. But I am not disappointed, because the real test will be the final product, and I am sure they will be fire. Although that RC is looking like she is going to be coated with resin!

Return Of The Mack...

Here is the Monster Cropped F1 Big Mack, isn't she a beauty! Mid way into flower and look at all that personality. The pistols are freakish. I almost want to Monster Crop it again, but I wont, since the other Monster Cropped cut is outside, pregnant.

Well that is all for this update. Very excited to see how these plants bulk up. I already know what the F1 Big Mack is going to do, and that is enough to be excited about! But we shall see which one of these gals takes the cake. Will the F1 BM still reign as Queen of my grow life, or will another strain takes it spot. Only time will tell, and it is right around the corner. Will my compost tea feeding last night help? We will see, stay tuned, and stay cool my friends.






Your weed is looking so awesome. If you had a better camera and lens, you could get some super awesome shots of your buds.

Yeah my next phone will be a decent iPhone model.

You need a Bubba Kush plant in your life

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I got my eyes out for some new strains from my local nursery. I think they used to have pre 98 bubba, but unfortunately discontinued. You got any seeds? I’ll make a trade

No Bubba seeds... I got some Warlock seeds but that's it..

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Compost tea always helps!!
Wow, 840 votes but only 3 comments...
All those machines must be helping because the buds look huge!

Yeah looks like the @dynamicsteemians trail is back online.

Do you want back on? Just kidding... Im still refining. I see that your following and casting a vote.

Im trying to keep it manageable by:

eliminating content that I'd rather not read everyday(from people not following trail or sharing posts in post promotion which will evolve into a new community account that will sport a new name per your suggestion. @dynamicsteemians is a brand basically and then rep is important etc.)

Took off all inactive people or accounts who are not casting a large enough to gain curation

Also took off people who didn't respond to comments, was racist, made threats of violence etc.

Ultimately, I want to be able to engage the trail and monitor content appropriately all the whole gaining curation for the accounts following the trail.

So many people are following and are active on hive.vote but do not have enough HP to vote.

Maybe as the rshare value of each HP point increases with the price of hive growing so all these people can cast a vote finally.

Ill make a detailed post about it. I aim to monitor the trail and content 100x better as well as individual accounts.

My man! Your Totally on it. Yeah I won’t mind. Whatever s clever. Yeah that is great you took off those who are posting horrible stuff.

Its wasn't many. It was more so when reaching out and nothing was said or done back. But yeah I wouldn't say horrible for a lot just mostly trying to present a good curated group in which I/others can follow, engage and gain curation.

It has helped me wing off the bitchute🤪

Kind of cool its like my own personal readers digest 🤫

Im going to make my friends list match the trail follow list.

That's cool. How is the herbs doing? I made a compost tea and use for the first time on my indoor plants, but I do fell like I am missing something.

Do you think they want more mag? Azomite and worm castings probably wouldn't hurt but they look pretty close to finishing.

Maybe finish off with Great white or phos microbes from rootwise

Yeah im thinking i do need to get a bag of WC. My bottled nutes have it, but IM sure it would not hurt to get more. I was thinking fish fertilizer is something i should also have.


for me what i have learnt from this is that one should not despise his little beginning i love the way you started planting your weed in a little way. those that are not ready to do anything are those that will be waiting for when they have a big farm before they can do something meaningful with their time.

fantastic result there. thanks for sharing

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Looking good on the density of the buds.

Thanks man! Yeah this new light I have rocks. I actually just raised a few of the plants. I think next round I’ll make sure to drop it down further. Tonight I’ll give them a good PK feeding.

this looks so delicious

Thanks bro