My Reentry Into the #5gallonchallenge!

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That statement could not be any more true, and pure. What's up Weed Nerds! I am back in the saddle in the #5gallonchallenge. That's right, and I am aiming to smash my last harvest of 36 grams. Shouldn't be to hard to beat, since my last contender was sick with a bad Cal/Mag deficiency.

My contender will be a strain from @bifbeans, Helena x Pbb. Even before the transplant into the 5 gallon bucket, this plant has been growing like crazy. Here after a day or two, I will be doing some lollipopping, and some bending of the branches to get this lady ready for flower.

Here are the rest of the plants that I finished transplanting into their final pots. I would say I was a day or two late on these, which really isn't to bad.

I do have my work cut out for me. Great thing that I have a proper light that will rock these lady's. Only issue I need to take care of ASAP is cutting a hole into my ceiling to allow for proper exhaust. Shouldn't be to hard.

How to enter the #5gallonchallenge:

  • Just grow a plant in a 5 gallon container
  • Post your updates to Weedcash with the tags canna-curate, and #5gallongrowchallenge
  • Winner is judged by the final weight of their finished product
  • Contest is ongoing, and can be entered multiple times
  • 1 entry per grow
  • Have fun!


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Looking good man. Hopefully you get a lot from it. I just weighed the stuff I harvested and it was 34.4 grams. Will probably lose a few more grams in the next few days, but it was pretty much dried out now.

Very nice! And how long did that take, 4 months? So already you're growing at a rate of nearly 10 grams per month per bucket. If you could scale that up to more buckets, you'd have all the weed you could need :D

It was almost 4 months for this one. I have two more plants that are ready for harvest in the next week also. Then I have 9 seeds that I am germinating, with a few of them that have sprouted. So I will have a full tent soon.

Very nice, good luck with your new sprouts :))
I find that most of my plants go about 4 months from seed to harvest.

dont forget you gave like 10 to your son

That was from a previous harvest. I got nearly 50 grams or so from that one.

36 grams ain't to shabby.. I doubt I'll get that off my Cheese auto

Yeah growing in a tent, and still getting a fell for it, I am happy with it. Especially with the way I smoke, lol. But I would like to have an abundance so I can at least smoke for free, and spend some $ on my other bad habits

I hope more people try the bucket life LOL
We all have an old bucket lying around. Why not give it one more spin before it hits the recycle center?
A few holes for drainage/airflow, some dirt, and a seed.... and you're growing!
No fuss, no transplant required, just increase the amount of water given to the plant as it grows. You can add nutrients, or just let it use up whatever's in the soil to start with. It has some pros and cons over a regular plant pot, but the extra challenge makes it fun.
I look forward to placing on the leaderboard, and challenge any other purely organic grower to also try the bucket challenge. We may not take the weight category but let's show them we can produce some fire bud too...... in a bucket!

Yeah i am quite surprised on the participation we are getting! I think having a ongoing thing is key here.

Yeah, people probably appreciate being able to jump in when they've got the space in their garden.

Awesome, i see you even got some weed in your garden now... hehe

Just a little, lol

You've got this! Are you going to try anything different this time around or stick with what you've been doing?

well using compost tea from the stuff I made is different, and I may put a trellis in there for a SCROG, but I am thinking about that, because once I put it in, I wont take it off. And that is something I am not sure I want to deal with, because I would like to be able to pull plants out every now and then to give a good inspection

Nice job man, That's such a nice green color

Thanks man! Going to do some bending and pinching tonight