My Journey To Success! Starting From Seed...

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What's up fellow Weed Nerds! Hope your weekend treated you well. Mine was uneventful, and boring. The way I like it! When I was younger I always thought you had to go out, and do stupid shit to have a good time. Damn I was so wrong. I always got in trouble, and woke up felling like shit. Probably why I turned to drugs. Now that I am a family man, staying home playing with the kids, or having a bottle of wine with the wife is what I consider fun. Then of course winding down the day with good ole cannabis. So weekend, or weekday, all the same for me. So to be able to grow what I consume has been a big game changer for me. I would say growing cannabis has took my life from a 7 to a 8, sometimes a 9 out of 10. Now that I have a new batch going, it is like hitting the reset button, and it keeps things interesting.

La Kush Cake, Big Mack Superstar, and Sunday Driver x Slurrycake soaking up that Samsung 301h LED

One thing about starting a new grow, is new flavors. Now I know it is more ideal to do a perpetual, and keep a certain strain around. This will allow you to learn that strain after each round, and then figuring out what exactly it likes. In return you will end up growing it the best that you could. But right now I do not have the room for a perpetual grow. Being in an apartment has its limits. I am not going to downgrade the quality of life for my family in order to do a perpetual grow. It is already somewhat of a headache for my wife. Especially when it comes time to dry!

100 % clone success!

A few years ago I had a perpetual grow going, that me, and my roommate at the time, @hotsauceislethal had in the closets downstairs. This was cool, and I learned a lot thanks to him. But it was not the best environment, and Powered Mildew was always around. Not only that, the harvests where so small. But since I always had a plant to replace a plant that was harvested, I always had bud to smoke on.

The Miracle Big Mack soaking up the sun


But now with a 4x4 tent, and a 600 watt LED, I am able to grow enough for me, and then some! Here is a closer look at my recent grow:

  • The Big Mack #1- 35 grams
  • Helena x PBB #5gallonchallege- 92 grams
  • Helena x PBB #2- 34.4 grams
  • Helena x PBB #3- 41 grams
  • Rainbow Chip #1- 57.1 grams
  • Banana Punch x Mac & Cheese F1- 61.7 grams
  • Dirty Little Secret #1- 45.9 grams
  • Rainbow Chip #2- 54.1 grams
  • Dirty Little Secret #2- 70.5 grams

Total Weight-491.7 grams or 17 1/2 OZ

Actually hit over a pound! I did not realize that until now, lol. Just to think I only had my light turned up to 480 Watts. So I got little over 1 gram per watt. Not to shabby. My goal for next round is to hit 2 pounds. I fell like this will be very easy to do with a few adjustments.


Last grow I had a full house. In fact I fell it was a little to packed. I only was able to really spread out a few of these, such as the #5gallon contender. Next grow I will let them have some room to breath, and most likely install a trellis to SCROG train the canopy, and allowing for better light penetration. The other thing I need to do, is get the light closer. The the last adjustment will be add a top dress regiment to my feeding schedule. Now the last part I am not expecting more weight from it, rather quality. With the proper training, and required light that is where the weight comes in, and of course it is also strain dependent. But with the proper nutrition from start to finish, is where the quality comes to play. But without the proper genetics, then you can only go so far. Hit that subscribe button to follow along, or better yet get some seed, drop in some water, or dirt, and grow along! You will not be alone, as I am not either ;)





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1 gram per watt is good but lets go for 1.5. Pros get upto 2-2.5. The strain helps. But 1.5 is what Im gunning for. Awsome post!

For sure! Ill be gunning for at least 1.5, i think with the proper training it will be very doable. Thanks for stopping by!

You hear it more often a gram per watt. But I'll tell you that it's damn hard if you don't have the space. And those who say that (in my case) don't breed themselves.😋

!ENGAGE 4.20

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

One healthy looking Crop / Hobby I usually dont grow as the police station is 5 houses down But my friends outdoor did great this year, These things are to big to harvest in two try's.
He is still trimming weed & he had help but that plants 20 feet tall God damn Great smoke to not just weight but quality to. The person that grew this has just got on to weedcash its This is his handy work
Might seem weird but Michigan is great for out door

Good luck with your little ladies. Believe it or not, I've never heard of any of these strains before, but I am a bit disconnected from the ganja scene up there. I went through a little drought here, but now have a fistful of Colombian brown to cough on.

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