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Hello fellow Weed Nerds of the Hive Block Chain! Hope everyone is doing well in these uncertain times. Here in California our Arthurian Governor just gave vaccinated people the green light to not wearing masks indoors. But of course there are so many who will probably never take the mask off since they really believe they are doing the right thing, or then you have the other people who have turned the mask into their flag to show their politics. Myself, who refuses to get vaccinated with this unproven, and dangerous not so vaccine has also ditched the mask. I always have looked at it as a ticket to get inside a store. However I am worried that they will come out with some type of digital passport. I am getting sick of all the lies, and totalitarian mandates. Why are they trying to get all of us, including children to take this vaccine?? Especially when the lie of Covid not being treatable is starting to be exposed? Ok end of rant, had to get that off my chest.

If you recalled my last post where I burnt my outside plants by using a too strong of a solution of Doctor Enzymes, that then in turned caused my plants to burn from the sun. Well they are doing a whole lot better now!

Still a little rough around the edges, but I will still get to have some of this Crystal Candy, that @loonatic loves so much. I soon hope one day him, and I will get to light up a bowl together of the same smoke, in two different parts of the world.

So I am not taking these outdoor plants to serious. The tent is where the lab is, and is when I clock in for real work. The outside ones are for my viewing pleasure, and it also gives me some nice head stash, that I could turn into whatever I want, and not think twice about. Another thing I love about the outdoor project, is the fact that I can experiment. Such as my new compost, or maybe something I have read on the internet, or heard from word of mouth, such as coconut water, or even using honey.

On my front balcony is where I keep the males. Some for breeding, others for the fact that I just can not get rid of something with roots without putting up a fight. Yeah it is a problem I have, but it could be worse I suppose.

This is a BMX male that I have found, and quite honestly I am falling in love with him. I also am impressed by the stickiness of this plant! I may just use it to hit the other Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese F1 female that I found, that turned out to be some of the best weed I have grown. I think if I do another backcross from a backcross, I will then have something remarkable to breed further into a spectacular strain! Watch out Greenhouse Seed Co, I am coming for you.

Here is a SilverMac male. This is the one with the cool leaf deformity. Only thing I like about this guy, is the structure. Perhaps I will hit something with it, just for the sake of putting it to use. But quite honestly, the Silvermac is going to be something special, just wait and see.

Super crop practice

In other news....

I flipped the switch in the tent to a 12/12 light cycle on Fathers day! So many reasons why I am so excited, obviously. But I am considering to perhaps take a break after this one. Not so sure. I am sure Ill be growing again, but I am thinking of defiantly not starting up right away. That way I can focus on drying this crop. I have an apartment inspection on July 13th, and am a little bummed about that. Not sure how I will exactly play that, but I do not want them to know that I am growing indoors, so I have to get clever. Perhaps I will just set the tent outside, with the inline fan still on, or maybe take just put them all underneath a tarp, and disguise them as bikes. I hate being a renter. Unlike what the media, and establishment wants people to believe, homeownership is the best, right after land ownership. At least IMO. I can not wait till the day I bow to no one. But I am willing to play the game, but for how much longer?





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Yea home
I am being told by FEMA that if I don't raise my house above the " new flood level somewhere around 13 ft above sea level. If I don't my flood insurance will go up $ 10,000 a year. Even though during sandy my basement stayed dry. Good thing I am a retired Block Mason.
I am really thinking about getting off the grid and buying some land in the wilderness

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I think everybody is having that same idea, since Covid. The price of property in cities has gone sideways for the most part, but the price of remote land or properties in small towns has skyrocketed, and shows no sign of stopping. Most of us who didn't have that bright idea before 2019 are now priced out of the market completely.

Fuck that sucks! Probably would cost a 100k to get that done. I feel your pain

Yea it would but me being a Mason will save me 75% of the labor cost. 15k to the lift co. another 5k for electrician blah blah, all in all I have to borrow about 65k. But there are some FEMA programs I am looking into, if I decide to stay. The value will go up tremendessly if I lift it before I sell.

I know what it means being a weed grower when living in a rented house. In fact, there're two masons in my terrace right now who I haven't asked for to come but as I'm not the owner....Having a yearly inspection is a real pain in the neck. I don't have to pass through that but fear is always in mind. Moreover, in my case, what I'm doing is completely illegal in my country. I'm seriously thinking of buying my own house by 2022. I'm fed up with surprising. I've had eneugh.
If I'm lucky, masons will finish today. ​I hope you find the way to sort it out. Good luck

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Yeah I’ve been through this , I got a few tricks up my sleeve planned ;)

When you "own" you still have to pay yearly or they take it away from you. And you need permission to knock down a wall, or grow a tree, or put up a swingset. And they can just take the whole thing from you under imminent domain laws. And so on. Really, nowadays you never own land. It sucks! Renting comes with its own problems. I've owned and I've rented and I've even rented places out to others. This is a rough market right now for renters!
Flipping at Midsummer is awesome! Our pagan/druid ancestors would be proud :) That's the way Nature does it. Every landrace outdoor plant on Earth is "flipped" at solstice! Very cool to do your indoor plants that service. Respect!

Yeah I suppose there are some shitty things about owning. But not having people come inspect once a year inside is a great concept. But I would imagine living in the country you do not need permission for some things you mentioned. Living in a neighborhood does come with its sacrifices. And so cool about solstice, didn’t even know :)

I wish I could live in a very remote place, but have good internet and mail service. Too much to ask? :P

Internet probably yeah, but I don't know how it is up north, but America has a great mail system. Even the unabomber that the same, ;)

You don't know how good your mail system is. Cheap, especially. You Americans pay the least for postage of anywhere on the planet, it's insane. I pay literally 3 times what you pay. I could ship you a package that cost me $25 and you'd be able to ship it back to me for under $10. I believe the USPS when they complain to the govt that they aren't making a profit! Their margins must be tiny, or they operate at a loss. A good mail system is important! At least ours works and most stuff doesn't get stolen, but man, we really pay for it.

Yeah it is something very amazing. I didnt think much of it till one day a customer came in, and he just got back from living in Mexico. Well he said that he could not get mail, unless he bribed the mail man! His packages would always get stolen, before they even arrived.

That is terrible, seriously man, When you are a pro passionate grower but need to disguise our art work. Being a grower I can say that.

For real huh! The property manager we had when I first moved in was cool with it. In fact I used to give him herb, but he did steal my rent before he got fired.

He should have chosen homegrown herb before greed.

You have a beautiful plants, I like to see plants with leaves that have an intense green color, also it is seen that you will have an amazing harvest

Set them up and knock them down right?
Beware the wind and neighbors. I had to take my gents inside wind was going the wrong way and the neighbor has his crop I need to consider as well.
Good luck with inspections, we have some of our own for the Nursery this coming week ourselves.

Yeah nobody is growing in my apartment. But yeah it is always a possibility. I may do the cut before they open up and collect the pollen when it dries method

That I'm sure is the safest way to collect, an keep cross pollenation to a minimum. Haven't seen it done yet. Do the gents follow the same "curing" method as the flower?
I'm live collection these days, an try an keep the air from moving as best I can when we swab the flowers. Works so far, gonna keep the horseshoe down an try an catch as much luck as possible.

Not exactly, just make sure it don’t get to hot, and for sur keep away from moisture

You have a beautiful plants, I like to see plants with leaves that have an intense green color, also it is seen that you will have an amazing harvest

Thank you man!

These outdoor plants are doing well.

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