Big Mack: The Blue Pheno

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What's up Weed Nerds! So the trimming continues, some people call is trim jail, I call it trim hell. Just kidding it actually isn't so bad, some plants are easier to trim then others, and the latest plant to get the treatment is the Big Mack F2 'Blue Pheno'. This is the strain I have been working on, and plan to further it. This is a fruit lovers dream. When growing it has so many fruit aromas, with a dominant rotten banana smell. Now that it is dried, it is a complex array of aromas, but to my surprise Strawberry is showing up, with that back drop of yellow banana. I may have let this plant go a week longer then I should of, but really I need to run more to get a better fell.

This plant, or strain fro that matter produces rock hard solid nugs. Even the other Pheno I had made some tight nugs, but not as big as the Blue Pheno. I believe since the other one was in a 1 gallon, and this one in a 3 gallon made a huge difference. I reached another mile stone with this plant.

A 6.5 gram bud!

Before I was luck to hit a low 4, and that was just a couple buds out of the whole harvest. I got a handful of these 6 gramers. I attribute this to the new light. This plant was raised, and it was a little above the rest of the canopy. Which this tells me next grow I really need to lower the light. Not only did I have rock solid nugs all around, but very little larf. I So far I avg about 6 grams larf, but with this Big mack I only had 2. Another thing I can work on is how far I go up when I 'Lollipop'. But dont get me wrong the larf is nice, but if I where to get rid of some, It is not. So it is great to smoke before the cure is finished on the bigger nugs.


So besides the light adjustment, and going higher up on the skirt, the only other adjustments to my grow will be incorporating a top dress regiment with everything I was already doing. The goal to grow the best I can will continue. All that will be documented here. Hopefully I can pass along some knowledge, and also pick some up along the way. Next up I have the 'Monster Cropped' F1 Banana Punch X Mac and Cheese to trim. This is the one that blew me away last grow, and continues to impress. Should be fun, and also provide me with enough pics to drop a post in the next couple days. Well that is a wrap on the Big Mack, besides the smoke report which I will get one to you all next week. Probably under @picyoudyer. PEACE!





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Your bud is as good as it gets my friend. Superb as always, great job bro.

Yeah!! Bravo. I really need to look into getting myself a light. Growing under an old reading lamp forever just won't cut it! My crop's harvest post brought in $4... my buddy jon here has multiple $30 posts off his sexy harvest already... perhaps a light would get me the results I need for it to pay for itself. I might not get a 6 gram nug without nutrients, though... but I can try! : P

I could sell you the old Mars hydro I have. Great light, and would be perfect for your needs. And you can pay me I’m hive. Only thing is the shipping may make it not worth it.

Then again, shipping from USA to Canada isn't too bad. It's shipping from here to there which is really expensive. If you can get it into a reasonable-sized box, it shouldn't be too much. Not super heavy, is it? Customs might want to add a fee for me to pay, based on the value, but it's a used item, we could figure it out. ; ) About how much is it worth?

Sorry for the late reply, its this light here and i used it for2 cycles, so roughly 2,880 hours. If I would put it up on sale the lowest i would ask is 70

Well not yet bro, but I’ll be there hopefully within my life time :) thanks for stopping by!

Those are like little Christmas trees. They are huge. I really need to look at a new light to fill up my tent.

This Floraflex seems legit and a great price. Maybe one of the best prices on market, but if you would want to spend extra $ there are lights far more superior to this one and mine.

Yikes $700 and that's a good price? Hmmmm... maybe I should just stick with the reading lamp LOL

Yeah to fill up a 4x4 isn’t cheap, but very easy to make your money back. The 2.5 x2.5 only cost me around 300 to Gil up with the proper light. You should see the top of the line LED. Your looking at 2k!

Wow! Those buds are incredibly big! Congratulations on your harvest, I love flowers that have fruity flavors, although I love Kush the most. They must be tremendous for a good fly! Enjoy it! And I accept shipments to Uruguay! hahahahaha (here there are not very good national seeds yet, the imported ones are 100 times better). Have a great day!

Yeah i here you all had a problem with low quality. But what do you expect when the government takes charge of something, lol.....Thanks for the kind words, and so sorry it took me 2 days to reply.

It is true what you mention... but I must admit that there are very good growers here in Uruguay as well as in Argentina (I am born in Arg and live in Uy). There are growers who have increased and tripled the production of their crop with techniques such as Living Soil No till, pruning, nets, etc. Like for example my friend Juan Tambolini or Tambo Farms (you can find him on Instagram as @tambofarms to see what I say) and I can assure you that the buds are the size of an arm. But, the seeds are imported. There are banks here, yes, but we still need to achieve the quality of the foreigners who have more years in the law, therefore more freedom when playing geneticist!
In any case, without government regulation, there would be no freedom of cultivation and consumption, because that's what the laws dictate... it's that or nothing! There is no other option than to advance step by step to reach the level of good guys like you!
Big hug friend!🌱

All great points! And living soil produces the best cannabis IMO. I plan to do some scone day, but I am enjoying how I am doing things now :) you should find me on Discord so I can send you some seeds :)

Thanks friend! That is beautiful news. We are already in contact!

Those are nice looking nugs..

Thanks bro! cant wait til you smash my record with your base ballll bat colas!

Insane! Mad skills. Dude you are killing it.

Thanks bro! So sorry for the late reply, totally spaced out about this post. Ill be starting up the next grow soon, mainly because I need content for here! lol

holy bud!!! is the first time that i see a bud of 6.5 gr :D

LOL Its the biggest bud ive seen in a long time! I remember a buddy giving me a cola that weighed 14 grams. Fun times!

14 gr is bigger that my hand hahahha

That’s what she said 😂😂