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What's up Weed Nerds! So yesterday I gave you all a sneak peak of one of my Big Macks. I have to say that this is such a gorgeous plant, with such a complex terp profile. To my amazement I got a whiff of black licorice, with a faint backdrop of rotten bananas. Just think too, I am only on day 26 of flower

Another thing I love about both phenos is the tight bud structure

Now the other Big Mack pheno is almost identical, a tad bigger since it is in a bigger pot. As you can see the green is a bitt different on this one, almost bluish when the light hits it a certain way. This one smells like a rotting fruit bowl on a hot summer day, with an remarkable banana back drop. It reminds me so much of one of the all star F1's. In fact I have that F1 going right now, but only difference on the F2, is bigger buds.

The only differences being the pistols. Notice how the F1 which is on the right looks smashed? Such a funky strain! The bag appeal is off the charts. As of right now I am staring at my last few grams of it, such a good smoke. Very smooth, from the cure of course. But just a great flower. I enjoy the buzz very much. I would describe it as an anytime smoke. Very excited to have it once more. Just a shame really that I do not have the room to do a perpetual of this beauty. If that was the case, I would keep it around. But it lives on, and will even reach higher heights as I tweak the Big Mack in the coming years. Shit I just might be an old man passing on this seed stock to the next generation.

Pictured above is the other all star F1 pheno of Big Mack that is pollinated with my BMX. BMX is a backcross of Mac and Cheese x (Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese). This seed stock will be limited, with a few seeds sent out as gifts, to say thank you to all the Big Macks of the chian. But most importantly this will be seed stock I use to find the unicorn. This shit is just so much fun to me! Here soon I will have to get some type of small tent to propagate with, because once this picks up, I will no doubt have to.

Day 26, and these gals are hungry! Not to mention thirsty. I will no doubt have to up the dose of the grow, and bloom. My only concern is obviously the humidity. No room for error on this packed room. Yesterday the electric went out again, and I was here at work having a panic attack. Thank goodness it lasted for 15 min. Tonight I will mix some nutes, and put an air stone to them to be ready for the next watering, tomorrow night. I just installed the 190 CFM inline fan for intake. With the extra air flow, I imagine they will be more thirsty then they have been. The Big Mack in the smaller pot gets an extra watering due to being in the smaller pot. Well that is all I have for this update, hope you all have a great week!




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My Big Mack is getting big.. it's waist high now

Right on! Can’t wait to see how she does in the Colorado outdoors

She's on today's Morning bowl.. looking sexy af

Looking good man. My power went out like a week or so ago and I was without power for about 14 hours. Right in the middle of my plant’s light cycle too.

Yeah its nerve racking, ours was out for 18 the other week, and i was just so uncomfortable thinking that mold was setting in.

Oh shit, those buds are growing very quickly! I'm jealous, you're only a week ahead of me, but ten times the flower already. I think they are enjoying the nutrients! My only concern would be the density of the canopy, combined with the amount of moisture they are demanding, plus the large bud size, would mean a potential for molds and bud rot. But you have a lot of good equipment now so I don't think you'll let that get out of control! This should be a crop to remember.

Tbh they probably need more nutes. There growing so fast, and sucking up all the nutrients available. I got a compost tea brewing now, so tonight will be a feeding.

Thanks for being honest :)

Why wouldn't i lol. Still learning alot. I think ill need to get some fish oil in time for next grow. Or even get it asap, and hit the tent with it.

i think that you will harvest it in 1 or 2 months :D

Yeah I’m thinking they have another 40 days min