#5gallonchallenge Completion!

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What's good Weed Nerds? So Trimming has begun, and still have yet to crack any seed, or pick up any clones. Still enjoying this time to not worry about keeping anything alive, besides the boys though. That is a given. But yeah it's nice not worrying about pouring water from the tap in a bucket to sit for 24-48 hours. It is nice to not having to go to the water store every 3 days(I use a mix of RO, and degassed tap). But here soon I will began, especially after trimming the #5gallonchallenge contender last night. This flower is fire! Whenever I trim nice buds, I get even more motivated to grow even more.

So final weight for my second #5gallonchallenge contender, Helena X PBB from @bifbeans....

89 Grams!

This is a milestone for me. The new light has really paid off. To think I am barley getting started. One thing that I need to work on is getting better at not worrying about keeping the bottom nugs that will be larf. But that would make for great edibles since that got thrown in with the shake. I will not change my name on the leaderboard, and keep it as is. But for those that still are going at it for their consecutive time, I will give you an opportunity to knock out the leader. Also for those who are growing, this grow off is ongoing, and can be entered anytime. View the post here.

I also began to trim the second Helena X PBB, and even though the looks are identical, I have a different pheno. I was not so sure while it was growing, but now the differences are uncanny, and that is with the terp profile. The #5gallon was skunky, and the other Helena is sweet. I was thinking of once they are done curing, of mixing the two together. Just how they do with Bordeaux wine when they mix Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc to get a certain profile, I will do the same with these two phenos. Since I will have more of the Skunk, perhaps I will do a 4:1 ratio of Skunk to sweet. This will be the perfect combination, and when you put your face in the jar it will take you to Cannabis heaven. At least in theory. We will see, if anything I will do just a little for personal use. The buzzes are quite different.

So all that is left to do for my contender is to burb the jars for the next 2-3 weeks. But it is already great now. This is where the bottom nugs will come in handy. I still have quite a bit to trim, with the cool weather, and my newly found dry room, I can take my sweet ass time. Which I am grateful for, because with the wife working more, I got my hands full at night, and can not dedicate a whole lot of time to go at it like I want to.

But when I do, I do my best to make the most out of it , CHEERS!





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My Reclining Buddhas are hanging in my bedroom closet making all our clothes stink like dank Indica : D

Your bucket bud looks sweet, and great yield! That jar looks like something seen in an upscale dispensary, nice.

Thanks dude. The jars where really cheap, like 12$ for a dozen. I reuse them too.

Hahah, yeah we are canning tomatoes right now. When you can find them, that's the going price. But it's canning season and most stores are always out :P

Awesome man. That new light sounds like it is really doing the job. Those nugs are huge.

Yeah it really is, and you know something funny.......

Excellent harvest, those buds look incredible: D

Thanks man!

Dude nice weight. Looks fire, one day we will smoke together 🤣

Thanks man! Hopefully Tradu is voted out, is he up for reelection?

Hahahaha 🤣 it rigged 100%.

All 5 parties all want the same BS just different words
Passports and police state

One party don't want passports but want to keep us in the Stone age of energy

Yeah I can see that. Here the Republicans are not doing shit, except bitching. Hopefully one of these days I can move to the mountains and drop out of society.

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Awesome!Awesome!Awesome! Really, you’re stoked to be burning that!

I’ve got to get in on that challenge. It’s small (5gal) but I have to see what I can do. So 89 grams is the one to beat eh?

Thanks again for all you do for the cannabis community bro ✌️

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We did have one that was called the Tetrapak challenge, which is the container for a half gallon, and started the 5 gallon to include more, lol.

Hi man! I back!and I'm in mexico hombre! No plans to leave

Oh shit! That’s hell of a leap! I here they have taken a way loved back approach to covid, the way everyone shod handled it.

Yeh man, buying some time before the fascists arrive here too!

Well Mexico is already Balkanized, and the ones in power care about only a few things. You leave them alone, they leave you alone.

🤤 PBB😜 so good

Yeah it really is! Got me standing there forgetting what I was about to do lol

Bangin' buds!

this buds are from another world.. damm

gratz man !!

Great, 90 grams. Next one should be 120. It could only get better.

I think that is doable. I actually just found one more branch hanging lol. Not that much though, maybe an 1/8.

Like finding money in old jeans.

Lol exactly:)

Damn, Attractive weed and you got some red wine to lit it up.

That's some really classy mixture. Way to go.🔥🥂🍀💛💨

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Yeeet! You should see how classy I am after a few of those glasses lol

Imaginable! I expected that afterall.
Keep it rolling, You are lit.😎👌🏻

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