Tent Update

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What's good Weed Nerds! So I am starting to see some decent growth on my seedlings, soon they will be no longer seedlings. I will start thinking of transplanting by the end of the week. But for now I will continue to water, with a little add Cal Mag since I decided to stick with RO.

The Big Mack Superstars are looking killer! They're the ones with the biggest leaves. The La Kush Cakes actually have a strong aroma when you rub the stem. Did you notice this too @lacausa? Either way it is way early to start picking favorites, although it looks like I may have a couple runts out of the whole bunch.

The Miracle Big Mack is starting to VEG out! I am still watching out closely for clone drops from my local nursery for that Grape Ape. This round I will fill up my tent with training, VS with plant count. This will allow for more light penetration, and airflow. So that means I will have to decide which plants to keep, and which ones to toss. However since I am working with all REGS, they should make that easy for me.

The other Monster Cropped cut is now in the dirt. I will only keep the one that is already Vegging out, and just grow this one out a little more, and gift. But there you have it, if you ever need, or want to Monster Crop, you now know that it is easy as taking reg clones. Seeing those roots makes me want to clone more, but I know I have to watch myself.

The mother of the Miracle Mack with a nice cure. I swear this stuff is fire!






These are not normal plants. They're so beast you can't even see the solo cups under them. And those root systems are like tentacles engulfing your hands bro..dayyum...

Looking pretty good man :)

Thanks man! Once they get transplanted they will take off~

Jon is the rootmaster :P

LOL, just a root addict ;)

the roots are insane nice

yeah i probably should of put it in dirt last week lol

i must also comment on the perfection of the roots.. like i said.. grow master!

goddamn it! Man, you is really making an ecstatic tent outta those weed plant seedlings and it's so amazing.

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Hopefully I don't have a tent full of guys though, lol At least I do know the clone is female.

That don't matter, Man. As long as you make exploits and keep it booming, the sky is your motherfucking starting point.

Bless up, Brother. Cheers!🥂

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Dude, thoes roots look sick. I agree the Kush Cake has a stink.

Sweet! I can not wait! I also know to look for herms. But you know perhaps that early training was a bit stressful for them, and that is also something I need to go light on. What are your thoughts?

Agree, too much training can be a factor. I'm thinking I need to give them more time to recover before I flip. Also as far as flipping them, I just go from 20/4 to 12/12. Do you think there is a better way to flip?

I recall someone saying that they gradually go from 24/0, to a 18/6, then eventually a 12/12, but i do not remember why they did it. I do a 20/4 just for savings now, and just flip to a 12/12, and never seemed to have an issue. It would be something worthwhile to look into further though.

Ok, if the Jungles you have dont herm. I can get a better understanding.

Yeah this should be a great experiment, combing two grows into one.

mega frost on that monster bud

Smells like strawberries and cream with bananas, almost like a smoothie!