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RE: Hashkings Seed Giveaway Up to 10 Winners This Round

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Yea my share has been declining and even burning my buds didn't exactly net me much MOTA. So I plan on just going hands off in a while. While I may get some seeds, I foresee at this point that in the future I won't be able to get seeds normally off the pool. If that does occur, I can just sell off water but either way I don't know if the system itself is sustainable for people with 7 day planting times.

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Yeah seed production is very whale-ish. Right now it's tough to harvest high yield crops because of the new water requirements. I started selling seeds for BUDS to burn for MOTA because I can't harvest every day right now.

As for seeds there should be a big spike in seed distribution this week. Sub plots should be live starting tomorrow which means lots of people will be planting.