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RE: Cured Nugs

Man! @futuremind , that is some good looking :poop:💩
I grew some two years ago on my deck in Smyrna. I started late, and so didn't get much, but it kinda looked like yours with all those crystal looking things.
I put one piece under my "Microscope camera" and the leaves were crawling with little mites. Didn't look like they were hurting anything
Can't see them here, don't know if I saved any pics of them, this is a still from a very short video I took with the microscope camera

I only smoke at night before bed, so I can more easily slide into sleep and have pleasant dreams. Saves $ that way too.
I think Indica is the one I like best, as opposed to Sativa.


Thank you for the compliment Jerry! I'm very passionate about growing cannabis :)

Those crystals are the "trichomes."
White milky = early harvest > more THC > more psychoactive.
Amber colored = late harvest > More CBD (less psychoactive) > better for sleep and pain.

I'm not sure about those mites... they couldn't have been too bad since you're still here, I probably would have smoked them too :D Was probably some mitey good weed... bad joke :D

It looks like you harvested on the early side and probably had some real head hitter stuff if I were to gander a guess ;)
It looks really good!

I prefer Sativa for it's psychoactive effect, and helps reduce anxiety for me, but sometimes has the opposite effect and creates anxiety. It is not surprising that you like Indica before bed because it's said to be better for sleep :)
My medicinal purposes are for anxiety and sleep primarily, so I need to find a good hybrid of Sativa/Indica, (or create my own) with probably a Sativa dominance.

It takes a lot of discipline for me to wait before bed, I usually don't wait but try to.

Thank you for stopping by my friend, it is great to see you again!

Great to see you as well @futuremind , I just sent a short hello in Discord, picking up where we left off over a year ago.

You DO sound quite knowledgeable on the subject 🤣