The Guice - Theory Wellness - Cannabis Review - Great Barrington, Massachusetts - USA

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The Guice - Theory Wellness

Cannabis Review
Great Barrington, Massachusetts - USA

Recently I trekked up to Massachusetts to visit the Theory Wellness cannabis dispensary in Great Barrington. It was my first time visiting the Berkshire Mountain arearea. Great Barrington was a lively little town with lots of dispensaries, live music and restaurants around.

I made a pre-order for a half ounce (14 grams) of The Guice. It's a hybrid cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Orange Valley OG. The 1/2 ounce had a hefty price-tag of $190.


It came in a child-proof zip-lock style bag as you can see below. Not exactly high-end packaging for such an expensive product.


The buds themselves were nickel-sized and frosty. The smell was delicious, with orange and citrus notes from the Orange Valley OG lineage. It was green with hints of purple and orange hairs tangled throughout the bud. Overall it was definitely some well grown flower and I was excited to give it a puff!


Below is a look at the flower statistics sticker on the back of the packaging. As you can see, it contained 0.8% Delta9-THC, 17.5 % THCA and 0.10% CBDA for a total cannabinoid content of 19.2%.


I enjoyed some rips of The Guice out of my Stem-Line Water Pipe by Sovereignty Glass. It provided a fast-hitting head high that spurred the mind and led to a deep inner relaxation. The Guice was some tasty buds with a gassy, tangy flavor. It ground up and burned very well. As you can see in the picture below, it was some fine product!




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Uh ... how I like to look this big green photos :))
I'm Happy that you can use it, here in Estonia they not let as still use it :))

One of the few benefits of vegas is that we got super bomb buds for 100 a half. But that as the nature of big corporate businesses competing with each other and you still have to look but yeah way diff than mass.

If you are ever in vegas I can point ya in the right direction for good buds at a good price... Typically medizin but just check daily deals.

Never been to Vegas but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually! Will remember to hit ya up for a toke!


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Some glorious nugs 🔥

That is some great looking flower! Legal top shelf aint cheap. Here in California Ive seen oz's for over 400 in the stores.

Quality looking buds




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Oh my! That looks delicious! I really need to move back to the west. I’m
Being deprived over here!
The bud looks fluffy too.