Monkey Mints - Bountiful Farms - Cannabis Review - Theory Wellness - Great Barrington, Massachusetts - USA

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Monkey Mints - Bountiful Farms

Cannabis Review
Theory Wellness - Great Barrington, Massachusetts - USA

Recently I trekked up to Massachusetts to visit the Theory Wellness cannabis dispensary in Great Barrington. It was my first time visiting the Berkshire Mountain arearea. Great Barrington was a lively little town with lots of dispensaries, live music and restaurants around.

I made a pre-order for a eighth ounce (3.5 grams) of Monkey Mints grown by Bountiful Farms. It's a hybrid cross of Grease Monkey Mint and Chocolate Chip strains. The slice had a hefty price-tag of $55.


It came in a nice box with a sticker that showed the cannabinoid statistics. It had 23.1% THCa, 0.88% Delta9 THC, 1.14% THCVa, 0.36% CBGa, 0.07% CBDa, 0.10% CBG, and 0.07% CBC. The dominant terpenes of this strain were Caryophyllane, Humulane, and Linalool.


Inside the box was a small glass container with a hard plastic top. This was some incredibly high-end packaging for 3.5 grams cannabis. Bountiful Farms was written on the top and the side of the container. It had a sticker that said Connect - Monkey Mints.



Below is a look at the flower itself. The buds were pebble-sized and frosty, which I'm guessing is how it got it's strain name. The smell had a very skunky and gassy aroma, which is always nice for cannabis flower. As you can see, it had a purple hue to the nuggets with loads of frosty trichomes. Overall it was definitely some well grown flower packaged very nicely and I was excited to give it a puff!


I enjoyed some rips of the Monkey Mints out of my Stem-Line Water Pipe by Sovereignty Glass. It provided a hard-hitting full body, couch-lock style high, that provided immense inner relaxation. Monkey Mints was very tasty, just like it looked and smelled. It ground up and burned very well. I actually managed to find a seed within the 3.5 grams, which I germinated and will soon start documenting. It's not very often you find a seed within medical grade bud from a dispensary!



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Congrats on finding a seed and good luck on the growing!

YOu lucky HIVE user :))) I hope you had good feeling to smoke it :)

Congratulations on the new seed, some seed are not easy to get here, like Marijuana, police or any military man must not see neither the seed or the leaf because it is not legalised and some people misuse /use it in a wrong way.

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The number one thing I miss about the USA is the weed, and this is a reminder of that. I thought this was gonna be some kind of actual ganja mints, but what a pleasant surprise. Genius packaging.

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It is incredible how in other countries they accept the medicinal sale while here they only let ignorant people without chemical studies produce their oil and sell it when they do not know what it really has.

Finding seeds nowadays is like finding the toy at the bottom of a cracker Jack Box. Gotta love those little surprises. Can't wait to see the progress of it.

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