Diesel Nightshade - Cannabis Review - Theory Wellness - Great Barrington, Massachusetts - USA

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Diesel Nightshade

Cannabis Review
Theory Wellness - Great Barrington, Massachusetts - USA

Recently I trekked up to Massachusetts to visit the Theory Wellness cannabis dispensary in Great Barrington. It was my first time visiting the Berkshire Mountain arearea. Great Barrington was a lively little town with lots of dispensaries, live music and restaurants around.

I made a pre-order for a 1 gram of Diesel Nightshade by Theory Wellness. It's an Indica-leaning hybrid cross of East Coast Sour Diesel and GB6 Trix strains. The gram had a hefty price-tag of $18.



It came in a nice little, sealed container was you can see in the photo above. The bottom of the container had a sticker which indicated the cannabinoid statistics. It had 18.8% THCa and 0.60% Delta9 THC for a total cannabinoid content of 20.2%.


Inside the container was a humidity control device with the gram of bud. The flower itself was very purple, as you can see in the photo below. I'm assuming that's how it got the Nightshade name. The smell had a nice aroma of dank berries with hints of diesel. The purple buds with coated in crystal trichomes.


I enjoyed some rips of the Diesel Nightshade out of my Stem-Line Water Pipe by Sovereignty Glass. At first, the Diesel Nightshade provide an upbeat, energetic high, but it quickly rotated to a chill state of relaxation. As an Indica-heavy hybrid, it was great flower for an evening smoke sesh. I look forward to trying more buds from Theory Wellness in the future!



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This is bringing back some happy memories from Colorado circa 2004. Sour Diesel and LGS were the only two strains available at the time, and boy how I miss those days. It's funny how prices still haven't fallen with all this legalization though. Anyhow, it is still the number one thing I miss about the USA, being able to take a few puffs and go straight to bed and hit a deep sleep.

Here in Suriname, I can smoke nearly a whole spliff before I start feeling any medicinal effects. I sometimes often get tired of smoking before I feel anything. I think it's more of ritual for me than anything. I do remember the last time I was back in the USA and I smoked some high-grade. My body was no longer accustomed to it, so only after 4 or 5 puffs I got dizzy and projectile vomited some Pad Thai I had eaten a half hour earlier.

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My man checking out all the budz! Loving these reviews. Those look real tasty! I can't wait until our dispensaries open here! Enjoy, cheers!

Uh :)) ... this looks good :) Thanx you let as see it , I hope I can try it also some day :))

too purple

Looks like some pretty fresh buds! Hope you enjoyed it man!

It has a clear night shade.

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Man I for sure thought that looked more like a indica like purple at first. But i can kind of see some diesel in there. What did it taste like?

!ENGAGE 4.20

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Not a fan of pre rolls. Here I’m California prerolls are the only way you can get a gram. Since everything has to be prepackaged it’s rare to see a gram, it’s all 1/8ths and above. Ph how do I miss the medical days.

That's why I recommended Medizin in Las Vegas specifically and said real flower. Everyone uses shake and trim but these guys. Solid place.
I was more speaking on the corporate nature of this town and how the competition benefits the consumer until it doesn't and they drive the market to GMO strains. BUT first is regulating the allowable pesticides companies can use. Which are kind of high PPMs in relation to what is allowable for microbes.

Yeah and with all the tourists LV brings I bet there are nice sales too. I hear in La there are a lot of deals since the market is so flooded with shops. At least it was back in the medical days.

Kind of lots of sales but being a local I know they are b buds typically... Unless you go to medizin but even they half the time only put 10-15% thc buds on sale but half the time (mon-wed typically non tourist days) super super bomb for 100 a half or $19 an 8th like today😆😎


Nice! And 18$ a gram from the shop sounds spot on. At least for the good good.

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One gram full flower prerolls at Medizin in Las Vegas for 11 bucks... 😄🤫