Deadhead OG - Cannabis Review - Theory Wellness - Great Barrington, Massachusetts - USA

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Deadhead OG

Cannabis Review
Theory Wellness - Great Barrington, Massachusetts - USA

Recently I trekked up to Massachusetts to visit the Theory Wellness cannabis dispensary in Great Barrington. It was my first time visiting the Berkshire Mountain area. Great Barrington was a lively little town with lots of dispensaries, live music and restaurants around.

I made a pre-order for a 1 gram of Deadhead OG by Theory Wellness. It's a hybrid strain grown by crossing Chemdog 91 and SFV OG Kush. The gram had a hefty price-tag of $18.




It came in a nice little, sealed container was you can see in the photo above. The bottom of the container had a sticker which indicated the cannabinoid statistics. It had 19.8% THCa and 0.40% Delta9 THC and a total cannabinoid content of 22.1% (though it doesn't say what the made up the other percentages).


Inside the container was a humidity control device with the gram of bud. The flower itself was very bright colored, as you can see in the photo below. It was a crystallic light green, with lots of bright orange hairs swirling throughout the buds. The gram consisted of 7 pebble sized nuggets. It had a very strong, pungent smell, which gets you excited to puff with just a small whiff.


I enjoyed some rips of the Deadhead OG out of my Stem-Line Water Pipe by Sovereignty Glass. The Deadhead OG provided me with great physical relaxation, but spurred the mind to get active and creative. Overall, it's definitely a lovely strain. I look forward to trying more buds from Theory Wellness in the future!


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Bro I saw that you buy buds as if they were candy, where do you get them?

Theory Wellness in Massachusetts! And they have candy too :)

Uh .... I just like to come here on pages and look all this photos :))

Wish I could toke some with ya @foxkoit!

on day day :))

Damn i remember having this strain back in 2012. I remember it being bomb!

Bro we need to come together and help ya get at least an 8th so you dont keep going every other day😄

Or are you cashing out some sbds...😎 that would be rad SBDs for grams

haha I usually pick up by the OZ... but the dispenaries are too pricy, so I just try out the strains when shopping there.

I crossed paths with some breeders and growers on forums that were from the Mass area. Im sure you can get super bomb but only when the homie is home from work or in town😅

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