Black Jack - Cannabis Review - Theory Wellness - Great Barrington, Massachusetts - USA

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Black Jack

Cannabis Review
Theory Wellness - Great Barrington, Massachusetts - USA

Recently I trekked up to Massachusetts to visit the Theory Wellness cannabis dispensary in Great Barrington. It was my first time visiting the Berkshire Mountain area. Great Barrington was a lively little town with lots of dispensaries, live music and restaurants around.

I made a pre-order for 1 gram of Black Jack by Theory Wellness. It's an Indica leaning hybrid strain grown by crossing Black Domina with Jack Herer. The gram had a hefty price-tag of $18.



It came in a nice little, sealed container was you can see in the photo above. The bottom of the container had a sticker which indicated the cannabinoid statistics. It had 22.22% THCa, 23.45% Delta9 THC (which I assume was a typo) and 0.03% CBDA for a total cannabinoid content of 24.41%. This flower was harvested on May 14, 2021.


Inside the container was the gram of bud. The flower itself was bright green with loads of crystal trichomes. The gram consisted of 3 nickel sized nuggets. It had a a sweet flavor with a kushy smell.


I enjoyed some rips of the Black Jack out of my Stem-Line Water Pipe by Sovereignty Glass. It provided me with nice physical relaxation. Though it was a mellow high, I felt very productive and determined while using it.. I look forward to trying more buds from Theory Wellness in the future!

Tak berjudul62-2.jpg

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Those buds really look sweet but ni all honesty i get stuff at 5 eur paying 18 despite the looks or whatever it is just not feasible for a heavy hitter :D Great pics man sugary coating all the way

Agreed. the legal bud here is wayyyy overpriced, which pushes people to get it in other ways... I just like to treat myself to the lab-grown stuff every once in a while!

haha like you should, and in another social and economic reality i would pay top dollar for perfect bud also, but man if peeps are like me and burn it all ahaha no chance we would burn fortunes on a regular basis, let us hope one day we can all get toguether for a giant get baked party getaway :D

Nice craft cannabis, Some days it's just worth getting that fire

Yeah that’s steep for a gram, but that’s some good looking stuff. But I am spoiled in Oregon where I can get an eighth of something like that for around $20. We have such a surplus of weed here it’s crazy.

looking forward to that being the norm throughout the states!


Good to know @thelogicaldude

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I guess you can compare it to a very expensive bottle of wine...

18$ still hurts my butt though hahaha, how was it?

Thanks for sharing. I've learned from this post.

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