Weigh some old vintage to know how much I have in each jar

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The crops that exceed three or four days of drying I keep them in jars, I know it may sound a bit premature but the climate here is very favorable since there are temperatures below 30 degrees and many fresh air currents with little humidity.

To speed up the drying process, I leave the branches hanging in a gallery where the air from the backyard circulates and does not give them direct sunlight, this combination allows them to lose moisture faster in a not so abrupt way.

As they lose moisture, their very intense smell decreases, I really mean it, the smell is very strong the first days.

The great thing is that smoking is allowed and it is worth the months you wait to harvest, today I will not be able to harvest because there is a very intense rain but if I let more trichomes pass they can dry out.


Not bad, Could use a little better trim to make little less harsh tho

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I have so much to cut that sometimes I get tired and I don't pay much attention to what I do, my plant is very big and I do everything myself: D

I hear that, The first few buds are always best trimmed and then it gets worse...

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