The harvest season is approaching and I hope the size of the buds will increase

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Currently I have a plant that is quite healthy and has beautiful buds, for the moment I will not harvest until I make sure the buds get fatter.

If you look closely at the plant it looks like a spaceship about to fly in my head. The strong smell drives me crazy and the resin left on my hands after touching the buds is amazing.

I was also cutting some leaves so that the plant does not waste energy on unwanted branches, therefore the plant will focus all its nutrients in forming the strongest buds.


Hi. It looks like your plant still has some growing or do - heads will fill out more) 😊 🌱 for the last week or two you can trim 90% of the leaves off (that's what I did last season).

What strain is this grow? I have seeds germinating now 💹

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my plants are all gifts that I got from friends, I am currently waiting for the arrival of the blueberry 420 auto

Looking good so far man, Love the tree

It is a jasmine tree, they belong to my mother who loves aromatic plants.

Nice looking 😉

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Thanks bro!

Looking nice, should be good soon.