One of my plants showed signs of being male and I will have to discard it

in WeedCash Network6 months ago

This is bad news for me because the plant was growing very well and the deep green color of the leaves excited me. This plant along with another one was a gift from a friend and since I had no experience germinating seeds, I accepted them, now I have no choice but to kill it because I have other plants growing from my seeds and I don't want them to be affected by having a male nearby.

At first I thought that these balls that are found between the stems were characteristic of the plant genetics, I don't know many varieties because I am new to having my own plants and cultivating, every day I learn something new and experiment with plants . It is a bad thing to have to kill this plant but I am lucky to have more seeds to germinate. These days I will put at least three more seeds and see what I get.


Yeah it sucks, but at least you caught it early! That’s whats up bro. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people ruin their whole crop from missing a male

On the one hand, I am sorry for having to kill this plant, but the male plants are of no use to me and I have 4 others growing at a good rate.

Don‘t destroy em fam. They still got a purpose to serve.

is too late, is it dead beacause i have 4 female

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