One my little plants gave me a beautiful surprise

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One of my plants is directly planted in the ground in my backyard, this plant was having trouble growing at first due to annoying insects that were flying and laying eggs when I had it in the pot.

One day I got tired and decided to place it on the ground, to be honest I didn't have much hope for it but nature is unpredictable.

Nowadays, it can be observed closely that it is producing remarkable buds, with its height I am surprised that it has some beautiful buds. I remember that my previous plant needed to reach 2 meters in height to achieve these buds, therefore I am very happy.

Now I just have to give it water and a good amount of fertilizer to promote growth.

From afar you can see that it does not exceed 50 centimeters in height and I do not even reach the window of my room, I thought that I would have to cut the top to prevent it from reaching a lot of height to start producing buds but at this rate I think in a month I'll have something beautiful to show off.


Nice looking plant

Thnaks Bro!!! i am so happy

Seguro que unos buenos cogollos ya dará. Tienen muy buen color las hojas.

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si es verdad, lo unico diferente es que debido a las noches heladas los tallos se tornan de color violeta pero no afecta en nada su crecimiento :D

good job

Thanks bro!! :D


Thanks :D

Looking healthy!

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