My plants bloom again and the harvest moves period

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As you just read in my title, my plants grow back in height and at the same time their buds increase in size, this is too weird for me because I just wanted my plants to have enough nutrients to give some buds with a lot of resin.

From the comments I have received from this community, it can be seen that this behavior is due to the change in the sunlight cycle in the town where I live, at the moment the days are incredibly hot with high temperatures and at night the temperature it drops noticeably. The delay in the harvest was partly due to the fact that the giant plant was very stressed and needed a soil with more nutrients.

This new process that my plant is going through will produce some more gigantic buds and well loaded with resin, another thing that I could observe is that I will possibly obtain seeds again, although it is not something for sure but it would still be something great.


So these are not auto?

the biggest is from the same beast that i harvest this year in march, the other tiny it was a gift from my friend and he said that is a regular seed and it will take 3 or 4 months to harvest something :D