My plants are growing at a very good rate

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As I had already mentioned in previous articles, I have two plants that a friend gave me and at the moment I have not the slightest idea what genetics it is and they are showing signs of being female plants.

So far they grow very well because I keep them with a good amount of soil and moisture, without neglecting the sunlight.

The seeds of my plant began to germinate and they made my soul happy, a week ago I had the bad luck of rotting the seeds because I had no idea how to germinate a seed.

I took the risk of placing the seed directly on the ground, which is a land where worms lived and also has a large amount of nutrients; This soil consists of spheres that retain moisture for a longer time.

One day you could hardly see the root coming out of the ground and the next day a couple of leaves with a good stem.

After letting the seed of my plant grow enough I decided to move this plant beauty to another pot, I did this to make sure it can grow better and then I can break the pot with the least difficulty possible.


Nice job, They are starting to come along nicely.

thanks bro!! i hope have the sames buds in the next 6 months :D

Nice, So long away 🤣

your off to a great start!

The plants look healthy.