My plants are growing at a good rate, I hope to see giant buds in a month

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These plants that I have are growing very well, the one that is found in the ground planted naturally is one of my seeds from the previous plant that I obtained, the other two are an unknown genetics but still they are all female.


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Thanks to the advice of some friends, I decided to buy potting soil and leave behind the hard soil that prevents roots from moving easily. My suppliers sell soil by volume and not by weight, even so the soil they sell is so good that in a few days the changes are noticeable with a strong leaf color and always ready to grow more.


Looking good 👍👍

Parece que van a dar unos buenos cogollos.

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eso mismo pienso, solo me sorprende que no este creciendo mas en altura

They all look great, but that one in the ground is amazing!

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The one in the ground is going to be a beast of o pine like plant!

i hope the same and thanks bro!

Keep going you'll have nice buds soon :))

Growing along really nice bro 💚

thanks Bro!

very well! ;)

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