My plants are blooming again and I am increasing the size of the buds

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This type of behavior in cannabis plants is very strange to me because I have never seen it in person and only heard it from friends. Apparently the plants under stress situations decide to cut their growth cycle and begin to form buds, but something opposite happened here, my plants formed buds and at the same time those buds produce their own branching.



Something that I liked is that the aroma was again as intense as at the beginning, all the symptoms that you are describing are due to the nutrients that I added to the soil of both plants. To strengthen the organic matter, use beer yeast that was the gift of a close friend, also use molasses that is produced in Argentina, providing the necessary minerals to the earth for a more suitable flora.




Si estáis en primavera las horas del día se alargan y las plantas dejan de florecer para entrar de nuevo en ciclo vegetativo. En internet hay tablas de sol diarias para saber cuantas horas reciben de luz al día. Tendrías que cortarles las horas de luz tapándolas o dejarlas crecer y que se hagan como monstruos de grandes. Tienen muy buena pinta.

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eso mismo esta pasando con mis plantas, dentro de poco estaremos en pleno verano aqui :D

Looks like it has re veged, Means it has been taken back over 12 hour light. Maybe a outside light or just longer days ?

Yeah thats what i was going to say, but i think these are autos. If so very weird

None of my plants are auto, the one that I had already harvested but these are revegetated