My collection of female plants, they are still small

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Hello to all lovers of self-cultivation, these are my four plants that I have at the moment, I had many stumbles and bad experiences but none of my plants died.

Growing by yourself is a learning path, I know that many of you would like to have a plant that you can show off and with giant buds but they need nutrients and daily care.

Each of these plants will have a different flavor and aroma because the seeds are different, and each plant had a different growth process with respect to the nutrients in the soil and the type of soil used. In one of my plants I used an iron pot and the rust damaged the leaves too much.


Yeah taking care of plants is just like having a pet. And growing fire is something that takes practice, of course also with the right genetics. :) Plants look great! What strains are they again? And where did you get the seed?

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I do not know the strain of any because they all gave them to me and the genetic seeds that I bought in: amsterdammarijuaanaseed never arrived

buy at bif beans

Para ser pleno invierno esas plantas están de lujo y si lo que tienes al fondo en el muro es un jazminero, ese rincón tiene que oler de maravilla.

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