My collection is growing and at an incredible rate

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Today I bring you some photos of my plants that I am taking care of and feeding with a good amount of organic matter, in addition to the carbohydrates that I prepare every day.

Although one of my plants is a warrior because despite the poor quality of the soil, it produces strong and resin-filled buds, it never gave up. What helped this plant a lot was the brewer's yeast and molasses to nourish the soil.

The other plants are amazing, but only one produces small buds and I can't get them to grow in size, so I'm going to let her choose the day of harvest.

On the other hand, I also germinate seeds because I will give some of them to my cousin who loves self-cultivation, also my aunt smokes sometimes and she was always a great person with me. These plants that I give you are from my previous 2-meter monster that I harvested at the beginning of the year.


That first plant of yours looks like you're having quite a bit of cupping issues related to fluctuating pH levels.

Personally I would use a soilless medium and also proper micro and macro nutrient fertilizer...

Nice work but the plant in the ground looks way better than the other one.

The problem with the nutrients in the soil was all my fault, I used an iron container 2 months ago and damaged the roots. Now thanks to the large amount of nutrients it received, it is flourishing more.

Excellent work and keep growing I can't wait to see you further crops.

Yay! 🤗
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