My biggest plant started to improve and I will be able to harvest some good buds

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This plant is the same age and time as my recent harvest, the only problem was that its first container was made of iron and the rust altered its growth and development. After many nutrients that I was adding to the soil, it began to show signs of improvement but I still do not perceive the characteristic aroma of cannabis.

To improve the quality of the soil I used many natural nutrients, among these additives I got beer yeast thanks to a friend who makes beer. Another very important additive that I bought was molasses, which provides a large amount of carbohydrates to the soil, it also has bacteria that further degrade the components so that the plant can absorb the nutrients as much as possible.


wait a little longer, I say. Let your buds develop a little more. That will give you more and better cannabis too. so far you did good💪

Nice job, Little work has paid off