I test my new cell phone taking some good photos of my plants

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Today I was taking photos with my new cell phone, a Samsung s10 plus that takes incredible photos with zoom. This cell phone is something I needed because I couldn't use the front camera on my other cell phone and now I can.

The photos I took show in detail how incredible my plants look up close and now I can also show how they are progressing in bud formation.

In one of my plants you can see how well the bud was formed together with the resin, while the other just formed a few tiny buds and only dedicated itself to increasing the height of its hairs. That the plant has very long hairs is something surprising to me because I don't know many varieties in person.


Wow dude! No joke those are very nice pics. Samsung be having a bad ass camera

cool i also have a s10

is an amazing phone here in argentina is really expensive :D

The new phone takes great pics bro, and your plants are looking really plump. Nice job man!

i hope harvest something more in a few weeks :D

Very nice photos.

Thanks :D