I moved one of my plants to the ground so that it grows more

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Today I took the initiative to put one of my plants directly on the ground in my backyard because the soil in the pot is too hard for the roots, although it could still grow in the pot it will take longer than expected.

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This soil that the pot had is the same as the soil, but it has few nutrients and I personally like that they grow well in height and give a production of over 100 grams.

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I took the shovel and started digging until I reached a depth equal to the pot, then I did the test if the pot went in and only removed the block of earth along with the plant. I have to admit that removing the block of soil without hurting the plant is difficult but with plastic pots it becomes easier.

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I'm sure the plant will be happy there, with good soil and light :)
Best of luck!

i think the same

if cant get vermiculite or something like that maybe use something like sawdust bit bigger pieces and some straw, coconut husk if possible, anything to give air to the roots, i know that soil same i have near me probably high on clay and gets very mushy when damp, she looks great anyway!

The soil in my soil is very good for direct cultivation in the soil or to germinate the seeds, then if I use pots the earth becomes a hard block that does not allow the roots to grow well

Bien. Si puedes consigue micelio y agrega un poco de sustrato (Bokashi) para que cresca mas bonita. Buenos Humos

es muy dificil conseguir esos elementos en mi ciudad

Hazlo tu mismo el Bokashi. Compra melaza, aserrín (normalmente lo regalan en Carpinterias y aserraderos), haz tu compost (cascara de frutas, verduras, huevo, hojas secas) y musgo. Lo mesclas todo y mejoras los nutrientes que va absorver la planta, lo rocías cada 15 dias ese sustrato. Es super facil y vas a tener mejores flores, recuerda que debes alimentar a tus plantas y esa tierra se ve muy arcillosa. bendiciones y buenos humos bro

Yay! 🤗
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