I gave my plants too much water and they are sad

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I made a beginner's mistake which was to give my plants too much water, I did not know until now that excess water caused the leaves to be sad, now I will wait a few days for my plant to recover and they will only receive sun.

When I saw the leaves like this, I was scared and I thought they were dying but do not hesitate to consult with a friend who is dedicated to his own cultivation and also sells ideal soil for potting. Thanks to this friend, I know that the plants are going to recover, I just have to wait a few days.

As for the color of the leaves, they look very healthy except for some leaves to which a few drops of fertilizer accidentally fell, I prepare this fertilizer myself because it comes in the form of pearls that dissolve in water, I add it directly to the ground and never to the leaves because it kills them.


It happens bro. Watering is one of those things that can be easy, but so hard at the same time

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You make no mistakes by putting too much water on your plant and that has nothing to do with their fortune,even rain fall and you can not stop the rain not to fall because your plant will died, they need water and sun to survive.Once again congrats they are doing well.

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Thanks bro but i dont wanna lose my plant

We all have made this same mistake

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It happens sometimes I have given some of my plants water and then it rained causing over watering and plants died