I fully harvested my little plant with my hands

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This small plant that was in my backyard needs to be harvested because the buds were at the perfect point and I also don't think it could produce more than it did, although half of the plant had been harvested a few days ago, now there were remaining the rest.

When I approached to see if it was going to be necessary to use the scissors, I realized that I could do it with my hands, the plant being small does not have a thick root and therefore with my own strength I could remove it easily.

When I hung it to dry the leaves, you could easily see the great resin that it has, also the aroma is very strong and when I go out to my backyard it is easily distinguished from my other plants.


Que lo disfrutes. Dentro de poco empezarás con las de temporada, no?.

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Estoy probando algunas semillas que tengo de sobra pero la mayoria no germinan :D

Not to bad 😃

thanks i would like harvest something bigger the next time :D

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