I decided to continue harvesting despite the rain, I also received a gift.

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Today the heavy rain came to my city and ruined my plans, in the morning I wanted to harvest as much as possible to continue storing the previous ones in more bottles, harvest and let the new ones dry. The rain is quite good because yesterday we had temperatures above 34 degrees Celsius, something unusual because it is already autumn.

I hope that tomorrow it stops raining because I have some important jobs to do, I am not the master of the weather anyway.

I took the trouble to cut off some branches despite the heavy rain, because I want to finish the harvest as soon as possible to prevent the buds from over-ripening and having an unwanted flavor. The branches that I cut, I hung them so that they lose the water that they accumulated from the rain and in a few hours begin to cut the unnecessary stems.

If I continue at this rate it is likely that by the end of next week I will finish cutting all the buds and have about 20 or many more jars.

I was lucky that a friend gave me two germinated plants and I just have to take care of them, on the other hand I should try to germinate the seeds that my own plant gave me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these two little ones, for the moment I'm going to let them grow quite a bit and I'll probably give 1 as a gift and keep the other one. I am going to place the strongest of these two plants in a giant bucket and see how the performance is going, if the plant is female I will keep it until I get the seeds that I am going to buy and if it is male it will go directly Throw it away or give it away.


Yeah hurry and cut that thing down, and put a fan directly on the buds if you can,so that way the water from the rain will dry. You do not want to lose your crop bro.

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Nice harvest time, I hate to cut them down but love to smoke the bud well done, as for flavor I have a preference for inverting the stem so the cut faces out or down but this could just be a superstitious behavior I picked up. really it takes close to a year for the terpenes to properly develop but certain strains have a more pronounced flavor profile like skunk or gorilla glue.


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Ah yeah rain during choo time really sucks hope you keep it dry

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