I changed the pot one of my plants so that it grows more

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I am bothering to move one of my plants today, all because it needs more space for roots and the soil I am using from my backyard is too hard. While the plant has a beautiful color in the leaves it cries out for more soil.

For the moment, use a 10-liter bucket and very good quality soil with all the necessary nutrients for it to grow strong. To all this came the days of high temperatures in my city with more than 30 degrees, this is something impossible to believe because we are still in the middle of winter in my city.

I placed it next to another plant that is bigger than this one with symptoms because I gave it a lot of water and it drains very little because of the hard earth. Both will be a nice harvest in a few months, for next time I will show the little beast that is growing on the ground in my backyard.


Looks good

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Thanks :D

Agradecerán ese cambio de maceta. Tienen muy buen pinta. ¿Son feminizadas?.

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por el momento esta planta que movi no lo se, pero espero que si :D

If only the plant could talk, it would tell you a big thank you for creating more space for its roots and general growth.

Highest it could do for you is to blossom. The plants look good

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