Every day there is less to enjoy this beauty

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It is approaching little by little to the maturity that I want to be able to taste of this beauty, it has thicker branches and a very rich smell; The wait was quite long, about 4 months will be at the end of March but I am sure that it will not disappoint me.
hoy (4).jpg

It's so big that I barely stick my head out of the window and I can see it, I haven't received any complaints from the neighbors so far and I hope it continues like this, apart from most of the neighbors they have known me since I was a child and they know I don't I am to bring you problems.

hoy (1).jpg

It's my first time with such a giant real plant, I liked getting up in the morning and watching how it grows gives me a joy to the soul. It is obvious that I will not smoke everything when the plant is mature because I need money so I will sell a large part and if I can and it is possible I will have a second plant.

hoy (3).jpg

I hope one day to get another kind of cannabis to make oil or to test, especially purple because I love the color of its leaves.


A very nice plant, it looks happy :)
I hope the flowers don't find any pollen on the wind! If there are no males nearby, that's good.
Cannabis oil is very important for medical uses. If you need help making it please ask me.

at the moment I think that no neighbor has a male plant

They are probably impressed:)

my neighbors? I don't think they notice it too much because most of them have giant trees or other plants

Well if they did see it, I imagine they would be impressed. I know I would be. So far the plants I have seen in my neighbors back yard have been sad looking.

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