Cultivating inside my room

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As I had already shown in a previous article, I was able to get some led lights to grow indoors because the freezing days have arrived and the cold does not allow my plants to grow, I know it will be a very difficult start and at the same time a learning constant.

My support at the moment is quite homemade and of low quality because everything I have is assembled very badly. This support will be temporary but these days I will add aluminum foil and another light to increase the intensity.

Although my little plants look good they still need nutrients because they will die in a few days if they only depend on the soil that I add to them.


Looking like a excellent start! So your best option will be to use something flat white, unless you can find Mylar. aluminum foil will create hot spots.

You consider that it is not a good idea to use aluminum foil to increase the temperatures a little, because here the days are with temperatures of 20 degrees maximum.

That's a pretty humble set up man. I hope you have great yields with these plants!

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thanks so much bro!! i hope the same :D