Another, "autos can't handle stress" rebuttal

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These autos have been suppercropped at half their height down to 6 inches, lollipoped during flower, and lst'd...


Lights running 24/7, 1 gallon pots of coco.



Sn: with base nutrients so far, the only additive that i see as beneficial is silica(soiless). Still testing out floracious plus, and i don't consider calmag an additive. Pk boosters are junk. And your base should have your micro/molybd

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God damn that is a freak! The only thing I have learned, well at least the main thing about Autos on my first ever auto grow, is they do not like to be transplanted.

Hey bro would be kick ass to see you enter our grow challenge. No deadlines, so you have plenty of time. Or even can enter a plant you have going now, as long it’s no more then a week in flower.

Sure they do not, would shoot my shot in the Grow challenge, Glad there's no deadlines 😉

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