Tag a Hive Blogger Who Has HIGH QUALITY Cannabis Content

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Tag a Hive blogger in the comments who you feel posts high quality content about cannabis. We will add them to our curating fan base of Cannabis bloggers.

image by @tonytrillions

Last time we issued a call to the community for High Quality Content, we were introduced to the amazing blog of @loonatic, make sure to give him a follow if you are not already!

What are YOU waiting for, Tag a cannabis blogger below in the comments!





always such great advice

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@davedickeyyall where are you at Mr. Nice Guy 😎

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If I had to just choose one on the top of my head, @chubb149 is a consistent, and dedicated blogger that I would recommend.

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@tonytrillions his posts are always entertaining.

https://ecency.com/@howwwwl if your not following them yet, all of their work has been very well done in my opinion & I have learned quite a bit about pot from their posts.

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