Big Mac f2 tester

She popped today and is starting strong 1/2 the other popped just taking it’s time moving up 🙏🏾


Welcome, nice sprout! Will it go in soil soon? What kind? Do you add nutrients?

Went into a medium last night and coco. Yes I use goldleaf nutes

Right on. Have a great grow :)

Welcome to weedcash
Nice to see new growers join on the network.
I advice you to ad more taggs like cannabis weed to get more people to see the post.
Mabey small intro post to get more followers.
Wat is the green blok its new for me?

pretty sure the block is just a rockwool cube. just an inert media to start a seedling in

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ok 😋

!ENGAGE 14.20

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Yeah just a rock wool cube I do great starting in these

Glad to see you made it dude! Awesome to see all of the testers being grown here!

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Thanks a bunch now if I can just learn how to use this site haha

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Welcome to Weedcash bro! Glad you signed up. Going to have to pick your brain on how you did it, lol

Ill be giving you a small delegation of Hive Power so you can have the resources credits to navigate the chain, like commenting, and posting, :)

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Thanks I’m definitely still learning this site. I appreciate any help

Welcome to the community. Very happy to see you be a tester for @jonyoudyer, he put a lot of love into that ;)

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Thank you 🙏🏾

I’m still learning what I’m doing on this but thank you all

There is a learning curve, but most important is getting a post out, and then interaction. Everything else we will help you out, and there will be things you discover as well :)