Weed, coffee, ice cream and... / Yerba, café, helado y ....

Hi comunity. It is a scorching Sunday here in Alicante. What better day than today to prepare a refreshing and summery drink accompanied with a good yerba cigar to taste.

Hola comunidad. Hoy es domingo y hace calor, mucho calor en Alicante. Que mejor día que hoy para preparar una bebida refrescante y veraniega acompañada con un buen puro de yerba.


These drinks are so typical here, that they have their own names, although I suppose they will have many other names all around the world because they are very popular.

The first thing is to prepare a good coffee to the taste of each one (I’m used to put a little honey), let it cool and then put it in the freezer until it is frosted, without solidifying completely.

Aquí son tan típicas estas bebidas que tienen nombre propio, aunque supongo que tendrán muchos otros nombres porque son muy populares.

Lo primero es preparar un buen café al gusto de cada uno, yo le pongo un poco de miel, dejarlo enfriar y ponerlo después en el congelador hasta que quede escarchado, sin que se solidifique del todo.


Next step: When you go to a coffee shop, they put the coffee in the glass in first place, and then the ice cream, but I'm going to do it the other way around so it doesn't splash so much and it tastes the same 🙂.

One glass contains ‘Mantecado’ which is similar to vanilla, and the other one whipped cream on top of which I pour the frosted coffee.

El siguiente paso, en las cafeterías de la ciudad primero ponen el café y después el helado pero lo voy a hacer al revés porqué así no salpica tanto y sabe igual 😀.

En un vaso pongo helado de mantecado y en otro nata montada sobre los que hecho el café escarchado por encima.


To top it off, they are sprinkled with a little whisky cream.

The one with Manrtecado ice cream is called "National" and the one, with whipped cream, is a "Black & white". So we have prepared a National and a Black and white with whisky cream.

Para terminar se rocían con un poco de crema de whisky.

El que lleva helado de mantecado se llama “Nacional” el que lleva nata montada es un “Blanco y negro”. Así que hemos preparado un Nacional y un Blanco y negro con crema de whisky.


Thanks for your time / Gracias por tu tiempo

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weed and coffee best combo


Hello @happyfrog420-new
Some good news from Cinnamon Cup Coffee.


Have a great day ☕

Thank you very much @cinnccf

You're welcome!😄

te dejan fumar dentro del local mientras disfrutas del helado?

Ojalá. Por ese motivo, compramos helado y en casa nos lo tomamos fumándonos un buen puro de Yerba.

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Hello @happyfrog420-new
Thanks for sharing this awesome little recipe. Never heard of it before, but it looks like an ideal summer drink that's relatively easy to make.
I like that you've shown the option of putting the ice cream first ;)
I think I'll try this one next time I purchase some ice cream.
Wishing you a great day ☕️

A highly recommended recipe even as a dessert. In the next coffee-post I will talk about the "barraquito". a typical way of drinking coffee in the Canary Islands, here in Spain.

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That sounds fantastic! I'm looking forward to checking that Barraquito post out too. Sounds like it would be an appropriate drink for UK summers too :)

Mouth watering bro :0

I should cut down a little on the amount of ice cream . I've already loosened one belt hole and summer has only just begun.

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