Smoking a joint on Plana island / Fumando un puro en la isla Plana

This weekend we were on the island Plana or new Tabarca. After lunch, outside the restaurant and without anyone seeing us, we smoked a cigar. We would have liked to smoke it in the restaurant, but at the moment it is illegal. But we smoked the cigar anyway. Cheers ....

Este fin de semana estuvimos en la isla Plana o nueva Tabarca. Después de comer, fuera del restaurante y sin que nadie nos viera nos fumamos un puro. Nos hubiese gustado fumárnoslo en el restaurante, pero de momento es ilegal. Pero el puro nos lo fumamos de todas formas. Salud....





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Must feel like heaven. I love waterside anything; Lakes, River, Ocean, Sea. Fishing and smoking weed is the best. Do you fish?

Yes, I used to fish in rivers and seas, now only in the sea. From time to time I go fishing, not as much as I would like to. Always near the water...