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Hi smokers. Today I want to show you how the girls of the 5 gallon challenge are doing. After all they have been through, they will still give me joy. They are not going to be very fat buds, but they come with a lot of resin.

Hola fumetas. Hoy os quiero enseñar como están resinando las chicas del 5 gallon challenge. Depués de todo lo que han pasado, aún me darán una alegría. No van a ser unos cogollos muy gordos, pero vienen con mucha resina.





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Uh ... I like to see this post 😋👌👌👌👌 not stop and make more.

Thank you so much 🐸

Npr :)

Some weedcash tokens for u

Weedcash is a gem and needs to make PWEED for uniswap on ethereum but add some sort of privacy system lol

@weedcash needs my magazine cover design contest @richardcrill get a professional weekly magazine sold as wax nfts from verified account on atomichub BOOM very close

Feature ur top voted GROWERS and have 3 or 4 sections in the magazine make it easy and so the users compete to get in the magazine then in atomichub set those authors as beneficiaries to get the 5 to 15% cut lol

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I am not interested in ETH at the moment.

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