My money's on the Slurrycake F2 / Apuesto por la Slurrycake F2

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Hi stoners. I can't say yet which one is my favorite but I can say which one I've decided on #SlurryCake. I will shortly start the follow up of this North American genetics from @bifbeans.

Saludos fumetas. No puedo decir todavía cuál es mi favorita pero sí por cuál me he decidido, #SlurryCake. En breve iniciaré el seguimiento de esta genética norteamericana de @bifbeans.


They have taken less time to get from the US to Europe than from the post office to my house. And all for ordering after smoking Amnesia I forgot to put the apartment number. The mailbox in the building doesn't show the names of the neighbors, only the apartment number, so it was impossible for the wallet to make the delivery. The seeds have been hanging around the neighborhood for three days, inside the mail bag, until yesterday morning I met the wallet who asked me: 'Hi, do you know a neighbor named HappyFrog420-new? From my happy face she knew it was me. The important thing is that they are already here and not at the neighbor's house.

Han tardado menos tiempo en llegar de EEUU a Europa que de la oficina de correos a mi casa. Y todo por hacer el pedido después de fumar Amnesia Se me olvidó poner el número del apartamento. En el buzón del edificio no aparecen los nombres de los vecinos, solo el número de apartamento, así que a la cartera le fue imposible hacer la entrega. Las semillas han estado tres días dando vueltas por el barrio, dentro de la bolsa del correo, hasta que ayer por la mañana me encontré con la cartera que me preguntó: 'Hola, conoce usted a una vecina llamada HappyFrog420-new? Por mi cara de alegría supo que era yo. Lo importante es que ya están aquí y no en casa de la vecina.



Thanks for your time and good vibes.... / Gracias por tu tiempo y buenos humos....

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Buckys strains look so fire! Can not wait to run some

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I'm gonna plant them right now :) And when the pack I'm waiting for ;) arrives, I'll start a new box. Bussy season :)

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best wishes and do you best to improve and for go future

Thank you. All improvements will be share :)

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nice best wishes on your grow

Thanks, I'll try to do my best

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I have had slurcane and it was bomb so I would start with the slurry cross you got

I'll plant these seeds next 4-20 :) I'm quite excited about the results

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Like on Tuesday or next year?

Next Tuesday :)
In 100 days or so, we will have the results. I plan to force the flowering by shortening the hours of light as soon as they have developed the third node. Then I will switch them to flowering. Every day at the same time, I will leave then in the dark. I will only give them light from 9 am to 8 pm.

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