My 5 gallon challenge, the end / Mi "5 gallon challenge", el final

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Today, exactly one week after the last post, I have decided to harvest the two girls of the 5 gallon challenge. I could have waited a few more days, but the desire to smoke my first flowers of the year and my economy have been decisive to make the decision. Besides, almost all the trichomes were already white.

Exactamente una semana después del último post, hoy he decidido cosechar las dos niñas del "5 gallon challenge". Podría haber esperado unos días más, pero las ganas de fumar mis primeras flores del año y mi economía han sido determinantes para tomar la decisión. Además casi todos los tricomas estaban ya blancos.


I did not think that they would behave so well after having to be indoors for 15 days and on the terrace without direct sun for another 15 days so that the builders would not see them. Quite a challenge, lol.

No pensaba que se fuesen a comportar tan bien después de haber tenido que estar dentro de casa durante 15 días y en la terraza sin sol directo por otros 15 días más, para que no las vieran los albañiles. Todo un reto, lol.



When I have finished manicuring them, what I do afterwards, is to clean them a little with water.I put them under the faucet and with the plant down I let some cold water run. This way I remove dust particles and insect remains that may have adhered to the leaves. Nothing happens to trichomes, I have verified it.

Cuando ya he terminado de manicurarlas, lo que hago después, es limpiarlas un poco con agua. Las pongo debajo del grifo y con la planta hacia abajo dejo correr un poco de agua fría. Así les quito las partículas de polvo y restos de insectos que puedan haberse adherido a las hojas. A los tricomas no les pasa nada, lo he comprobado.



Once cleaned, I pass them to the dryer and wait a few days. At this time of the year in 7 - 10 days they are dry and ready to smoke. I'll let you know.

Una vez limpias las paso al secadero y a esperar unos días. En esta época del año en 7 – 10 días están secas y listas para fumar. Ya os contaré.


It seems that the new seeds come with a lot of strength and desire......

Parece que las nuevas semillas vienen con mucha fuerza y ganas.....



Thanks for your time / Gracias por tu tiempo

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Nice work bro.

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Thank you so much @canna-curate
Let's see if it's warm these days and they get dried fast.

I had waited a while before harvesting. But that's too late now. the plants look nice. I'm curious what remains after drying. lots of smoking pleasure own harvest always tastes good

I agree with you, but I couldn't wait more. I had been paying 8€ per gram which is crazy. I did it because I haven't any choice due to workers on my terrace.
I think in 7 or 8 days it'll be ready to be smoked :)

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thank you very much for sharing a great post, have a good day and a great mood

Thank you. I'm happy you enjoy it 😀

Use several buckets to wash your plants. The first use warm water mixed with equal parts lemon juice and baking soda... then rinse in warm water.. final rinse in cold water..

I've never heard about "lemon juice and baking soda" for washing weed plants. Curious thing!
Why do you use lemon? My mother used a homemade grease cleaner whith lemon to clean the kitchen tiles. Don't you think lemon could affect the trichomes?

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Lemon is acidic.. baking soda is a base.. they combine to make a form of salt water ... but the chemical reaction is great for cleaning buds. No effect on tricomes. In fact the weed tastes better.

I'll have a try with it next time. Thanks for the info.

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Nice work bro.

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muy buena cosecha amigo espero que disfrutes de su sabor en unas semanas de un buen curado :D

Gracias. Creo que estas primeras flores no van a tener tanto tiempo de curación. En cuanto estén secas me las fumo 😂😂😂. Aunque se que es mejor que curen un tiempo.

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