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Greetings cannabis culture lovers. A few months ago I bought some Slurry Cake seeds from Bifbeans. When they had already germinated and had more or less 20 cm, began the works on the terrace of the house and I had to sacrifice them so that the masons did not see them. A disaster, but these things happen.

Saludos amantes de la cultura cannábica. Hace unos meses compré unas semillas de Slurry Cake a Bifbeans. Cuando ya habían germinado y tenían más o menos 20 cm, empezaron las obras en la terraza de casa y tuve que sacrificarlas para que no las vieran los albañiles. Un desastre, pero estas cosas pasan.


In the same order I received as a gift, some regular seeds of Melonade x Slurry Cake. I didn't plant them all, I kept two that I planted in July. One did not germinate and the other one came out male. As I needed to make seeds I used it to make these that you see. The female is a mix of three different varieties that I have been making. I would have liked to cross it with the Jack Herer but it was not possible.

En el mismo pedido me llegaron de regalo, unas semillas regulares de Melonade x Slurry Cake. No las planté todas, me guardé dos que planté en julio. Una no germinó y la otra salió macho. Como necesitaba hacer semillas lo utilicé para hacer estas que veis. La hembra es una mezcla de tres variedades distintas que he ido haciendo. Me hubiese gustado cruzarla con la Jack Herer pero no ha podido ser.



A few days ago I saw in the soil of the pot some seeds that had been detached from the plant. They were already ripe. I cut and put to dry the plant as I do with the others.

Hace unos días vi en la tierra de la maceta unas semillas que se habían desprendido de la planta. Estaban ya maduras. Corté y puse a secar la planta como hago con las otras.


It is almost dry now and I have done a test to see how the seeds are. I think they are finished, how do you see them.

Ya está casi seca y he hecho una prueba para ver como están las semillas. Yo creo que están terminadas, ¿tú como las ves?.




And now the contest. It is very simple, you only have to guess this question: How many seeds do you think this little plant can produce?

Y ahora el concurso. Es muy sencillo, solo hay que acertar esta pregunta: ¿Cuantas semillas crees que esta pequeña planta puede dar?.


Only the good seeds are counted. The ones that are not fully formed or are broken do not count.

Solo contabilizan las semillas buenas. Las que no estén del todo formadas o se rompan no cuentan.


I will transfer 420 weeds to the person who guesses right or comes closest to the total number of seeds. Leave your predictions in the comments. The contest will be open until I count the seeds, which I don't know when it will be. May the weed be with you.

A la persona que acierte o más se acerque al número de semillas total, le transferiré 420 weeds. Dejad vuestros pronósticos en los comentarios. El concurso estará abierto hasta que cuente las semillas, que no se cuando será. Que la weed os acompañe.


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Thanks and good luck ✌️

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I guess 150 👍 looks good even with seeds

Thanks 🐸 and good luck

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Cool contest! My guess is 77

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Thanks for your interaction 🐸 and good luck

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Thank you so much and gud luck 🐸

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Jajaja apuesto 42!

Gracias por animarte a participar y suerte

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Me dio mucha gracia la originalidad del concurso jajaj!! Buenos humos hermago!!

Buenos humos ✌️

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52 seeds! ;)

Good luck ✌️

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Hum i guess 98 seeds,
May the weed be with you too 😀

Thank you for participating and good luck

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