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Greetings lovers of cannabis culture. I've been trying to photograph this friend for days and this morning I finally got the chance. I see her every day, especially when I water.

Saludos amantes de la cultura cannábica. Llevaba intentando fotografiar a esta amiga hace días y esta mañana por fin he podido. Todos los días la veo, sobre todo cuando riego.


I like to have wasps on the terrace- It's a matter of taste. Wasps are the best against caterpillars that I know. When they show up in the spring, I know I won't have to use "Bacillus".The wasps take care of them.

Me gusta tener avispas en la terraza. Cada uno es como es. Son el mejor antiorugas que conozco. Cuando aparecen en primavera se que no tendré que utilizar “Bacillus”. Las avispas se encargan.


I have two types, this common one and another one which is a red potter wasp that uses a reed that I have on the terrace, to lay its larvae.

Tengo de dos tipos, esta común y otra que es avispa roja alfarera y que utiliza un cañizo que tengo en la terraza para poner las larvas.




Then I have this other bug that I still don't know what it is but for the moment I let it stay.

Después tengo este otro bicho que todavía no se lo que es pero que de momento dejo que se quede.


Thanks for your attention

Gracias por tu atención

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Good information and great photos. I know it takes time to get a good one. It's awsome that you recognize the wasp.

Thank you. The red wasps I know they are the same because they use the reeds to lay larvae so I see them coming in with caterpillars.
The common wasp, it's the one that recognizes me I think. The first few days it doesn't come very close and little by little it gets closer and closer. I think it is the same one because I only see one these days on the terrace, but I don't know for sure if it is the same one or not. I will ask "him" 🐸.

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