5 gallon challenge evolution / Evolución del 5 gallon challenge


Hello, greetings to the entire Weedcash community. Today I will show you how the evolution of the two girls of the 5 gallon chalenge has been going. I estimate that in one or two weeks they will be ready to harvest. The oldest leaves have already started to turn yellow and some white trichomes are starting to show.

Hola, saludos a toda la comunidad Weedcash. Hoy os pongo como ha ido la evolución de las dos chicas del "5 gallon challenge". Calculo que en una o dos semanas estarán listas para cosechar. Las hojas más antiguas ya han empezado a ponerse amarillas y empiezan a verse algunos tricomas blancos.


They have not received any fertilizer in irrigation. Only three foliar applications have been made. One with horsetail, one with potassium soap and the last one with amino acids.

No han recibido ningún tipo de fertilizante en riego. Solo se les ha hecho tres aplicaciones foliares. Una con cola de caballo, otra con jabón potásico y la última con aminoácidos.





Thanks for your attention / Gracias por tu atención

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Amigo que bien que crecieron esos cogollos :D

Gracias. Están casi a punto y tengo unas ganas de cosecharlas que no se lo imagina nadie.

Cool you use horsetail! I have some growing, but it’s not doing so well. You should also check out Nettle.

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Yes, I use it for all the plants on the terrace. The guy at the growshop recommended it to me and also told me about the nettle extract that I will buy the next time I go there. Thanks.

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